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Darkside Paint and Body

Our brand new setup will allow us to take on a wide range of bodyshop work, from simple smart repairs to full resprays on any vehicle up to high roof vans and small trucks.

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The Team

With over 40 years experience in the body shop industry, our team have the skills and knowledge to tackle any job. More details on them to follow...

The Booth

Our brand new booth from Reeve Spray Booths has been built to our custom specification. Details of the spec are below.

LCV RaisedFloor

Raised floor spray booth gives you a full floor extract without the groundwork of a down draught. The 250mm raised floor gives the booth an even airflow throughout.

  • Inside: 8.0m long x 3.9m wide x 3.2m high cabin.
  • Outside: 8.13m long x 4.0m wide x 3.95m high
  • Extra width and height 3 leaf door opening, for easier entry and exit - 3.0m wide x 3.2m high
  • Rear Mounted Plant with 4kw low noise centrifugal fans with an air flow of 18,000 m3.
  • Double Pitched humpback ramp
  • Suitable for use with water based paints
Extras fitted

LED Lighting system

Fast Air Drying system

NRG Plus energy saving enhancement


Pricing paint and repair jobs is not a simple process, but the below information should give a rough indication of what to expect.
A more accurate quote can be provided on inspection

Front / Rear Bumpers (Each)

£150 + VAT £180 INC VAT

Full Front End

£550 + VAT £660 INC VAT

Full Sides

£400 + VAT £480 INC VAT

Black Roof and Mirrors

£225 + VAT £270 INC VAT

Full Respray (Colour Change / Door Shuts)

From £2500 + VAT From £3000 INC VAT

Alloy Wheels (Per Wheel)

£50 + VAT £60 INC VAT

DeChroming (Vinyl Wrapped)

£250 + VAT £300 INC VAT

PDR (Paint less Dent Removal)


Hourly Rate

£60 + VAT £72 INC VAT

Arch Rolling (Per Pair)

From £100 + VAT From £120 INC VAT


From £5000 + VAT From £6000 INC VAT

Detailing (Per Day)

From £500 + VAT From £600 INC VAT

Custom Work

Dents / corrosion / blends / pearl colours are subject to extra charge

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