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BMW N47 / N57 Engine EGR & EGR Cooler Delete Kit

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  • BMW N47 / N57 Engine EGR & EGR Cooler Delete Kit


 BMW N47 / N57 Engine EGR & EGR Cooler Delete Kit 

  • Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power
  • Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up
  • Removes problematic EGR Cooler
 This kit consists of:
N47 & N57 EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit

This kit allows removal of the stock EGR Valve, Cooler, Piping and Vacuum Lines + Transducer on the below engines

Please Note: Once the valve is either removed or blanked off the vehicles ECU will no longer get a signal from the EGR Valve causing the emmisions workshop light to appear on the dash board. We can remove this by reprogramming the EGR software on the ECU.
For more information on EGR Valves and Removal see here -

This Will fit the following Vehicles:

E81 116d 3 doors (from 09.2010) N47
E81 118d 3 doors (from 09.2008) N47
E81 120d 3 doors (from 09.2008) N47
E81 123d 3 doors (from 03.2009) N47S
E87N 116d 5 doors (from 09.2010) N47
E87N 118d 5 doors (from 09.2008) N47
E87N 120d 5 doors (from 09.2008) N47
E87N 123d 5 doors (from 03.2009) N47S
E88 118d Convertible N47
E88 120d Convertible (from 09.2008) N47
E88 123d Convertible (from 03.2009) N47S
E82 118d Coupé N47
E82 120d Coupé (from 09.2008) N47
E82 123d Coupé (from 03.2009) N47S
F20 114d 5 doors N47N
F20 116d 5 doors N47N
F20 116d ed 5 doors N47N
F20 118d 5 doors N47N
F20 118dX 5 doors N47N
F20 120d 5 doors N47N
F20 120dX 5 doors N47N
F20 125d 5 doors N47S1
F20N 114d N47N 5 doors N47N
F21 114d 3 doors N47N
F21 116d 3 doors N47N
F21 116d ed 3 doors N47N
F21 118d 3 doors N47N
F21 118dX 3 doors N47N
F21 120d 3 doors N47N
F21 120dX 3 doors N47N
F21 125d 3 doors N47S1
F21N 114d N47N 3 doors N47N
F22 218d N47N Coupé N47N
F22 220d N47N Coupé N47N
F22 225d N47S1 Coupé N47S1
E90N 316d N47 Saloon N47
E90N 316d N47N Saloon N47N
E90N 318d N47 Saloon N47
E90N 318d N47N Saloon N47N
E90N 320d ed Saloon N47N
E90N 320d N47 Saloon N47
E90N 320d N47N Saloon N47N
E90N 320xd N47 Saloon N47
E90N 320xd N47N Saloon N47N
E90N 325d N57 Saloon N57
E90N 330d Saloon N57
E90N 330xd Saloon N57
E91N 316d Touring N47N
E91N 318d N47 Touring N47
E91N 318d N47N Touring N47N
E91N 320d ed Touring N47N
E91N 320d N47 Touring N47
E91N 320d N47N Touring N47N
E91N 320xd N47 Touring N47
E91N 320xd N47N Touring N47N
E91N 325d N57 Touring N57
E91N 330d Touring N57
E91N 330xd Touring N57
E92 320d Coupé (from 09.2008) N47
E92 320xd Coupé N47
E92 330d N57 Coupé N57
E92 330xd N57 Coupé N57
E92N 320d Coupé N47N
E92N 320xd Coupé N47N
E92N 325d Coupé N57
E92N 330d Coupé N57
E92N 330xd Coupé N57
E93 320d Convertible (from 09.2008) N47
E93 330d N57 Convertible N57
E93N 320d Convertible N47N
E93N 325d Convertible N57
E93N 330d Convertible N57
F30 316d N47N Saloon N47N
F30 318d Saloon N47N
F30 318dX Saloon N47N
F30 320d Saloon N47N
F30 320d ed Saloon N47N
F30 320dX Saloon N47N
F30 325d Saloon N47S1
F30 328d Saloon N47N
F30 328dX Saloon N47N
F30 330d Saloon N57N
F30 330dX Saloon N57N
F30 335dX Saloon N57Z
F30N 320d N47N Saloon N47N
F30N 325d N47S1 Saloon N47S1
F30N 328d Saloon N47N
F30N 328dX Saloon N47N
F30N 330d Saloon N57N
F30N 330dX Saloon N57N
F30N 335dX Saloon N57Z
F31 316d N47N Touring N47N
F31 318d Touring N47N
F31 318dX Touring N47N
F31 320d Touring N47N
F31 320d ed Touring N47N
F31 320dX Touring N47N
F31 325d Touring N47S1
F31 328dX Touring N47N
F31 330d Touring N57N
F31 330dX Touring N57N
F31 335dX Touring N57Z
F31N 320d N47N Touring N47N
F31N 325d N47S1 Touring N47S1
F31N 328dX Touring N47N
F31N 330d Touring N57N
F31N 330dX Touring N57N
F31N 335dX Touring N57Z
F34 318d N47N Gran Turismo N47N
F34 320d N47N Gran Turismo N47N
F34 320dX N47N Gran Turismo N47N
F34 325d Gran Turismo N47S1
F34 330d Gran Turismo N57N
F34 330dX Gran Turismo N57N
F34 335dX Gran Turismo N57Z
F34N 330d Gran Turismo N57N
F34N 330dX Gran Turismo N57N
F34N 335dX Gran Turismo N57Z
F32 420d N47N Coupé N47N
F32 420dX N47N Coupé N47N
F32 425d N47S1 Coupé N47S1
F32 430d Coupé N57N
F32 430dX Coupé N57N
F32 435dX Coupé N57Z
F32N 430d Coupé N57N
F32N 430dX Coupé N57N
F32N 435dX Coupé N57Z
F33 420d N47N Convertible N47N
F33 425d N47S1 Convertible N47S1
F33 430d Convertible N57N
F33 435dX Convertible N57Z
F33N 430d Convertible N57N
F33N 435dX Convertible N57Z
F36 418d N47N Gran Coupé N47N
F36 420d N47N Gran Coupé N47N
F36 420dX N47N Gran Coupé N47N
F36 430d Gran Coupé N57N
F36 430dX Gran Coupé N57N
F36 435dX Gran Coupé N57Z
F36N 430d Gran Coupé N57N
F36N 430dX Gran Coupé N57N
F36N 435dX Gran Coupé N57Z
E60N 520d N47 Saloon (from 09.2008) N47
E61N 520d N47 Touring (from 09.2008) N47
F07 520d Gran Turismo N47N
F07 530d 155kW Gran Turismo N57
F07 530d N57 Gran Turismo N57
F07 530d N57N Gran Turismo N57N
F07 530dX N57 Gran Turismo N57
F07 530dX N57N Gran Turismo N57N
F07 535d N57S Gran Turismo N57S
F07 535d N57Z Gran Turismo N57Z
F07 535dX N57S Gran Turismo N57S
F07 535dX N57Z Gran Turismo N57Z
F07N 520d Gran Turismo N47N
F07N 530d Gran Turismo N57N
F07N 530dX Gran Turismo N57N
F07N 535d Gran Turismo N57Z
F07N 535dX Gran Turismo N57Z
F10 520d Saloon N47N
F10 520d ed Saloon N47N
F10 525d N47S1 Saloon N47S1
F10 525d N57 Saloon N57
F10 525dX Saloon N47S1
F10 530d N57 Saloon N57
F10 530d N57N Saloon N57N
F10 530dX Saloon N57N
F10 535d N57S Saloon N57S
F10 535d N57Z Saloon N57Z
F10 535dX Saloon N57Z
F10 M550dX Saloon N57X
F10N 518d N47N Saloon N47N
F10N 520d N47N Saloon N47N
F10N 520dX N47N Saloon N47N
F10N 525d Saloon N47S1
F10N 525dX Saloon N47S1
F10N 530d Saloon N57N
F10N 530dX Saloon N57N
F10N 535d Saloon N57Z
F10N 535d Saloon N57N
F10N 535dX Saloon N57Z
F10N 535dX Saloon N57N
F10N M550dX Saloon N57X
F11 520d Touring N47N
F11 525d N47S1 Touring N47S1
F11 525d N57 Touring N57
F11 525dX Touring N47S1
F11 530d N57 Touring N57
F11 530d N57N Touring N57N
F11 530dX Touring N57N
F11 535d N57S Touring N57S
F11 535d N57Z Touring N57Z
F11 535dX Touring N57Z
F11 M550dX Touring N57X
F11N 518d N47N Touring N47N
F11N 520d N47N Touring N47N
F11N 520dX N47N Touring N47N
F11N 525d Touring N47S1
F11N 525dX Touring N47S1
F11N 530d Touring N57N
F11N 530dX Touring N57N
F11N 535d Touring N57Z
F11N 535dX Touring N57Z
F11N M550dX Touring N57X
F06 640d Gran Coupé N57Z
F06 640dX Gran Coupé N57Z
F06N 640d Gran Coupé N57Z
F06N 640dX Gran Coupé N57Z
F12 640d Convertible N57Z
F12 640dX Convertible N57Z
F12N 640d Convertible N57Z
F12N 640dX Convertible N57Z
F13 640d Coupé N57Z
F13 640dX Coupé N57Z
F13N 640d Coupé N57Z
F13N 640dX Coupé N57Z
F01 730d Saloon N57
F01 740d Saloon N57S
F01 740dX Saloon N57S
F01N 730d Saloon N57N
F01N 730dX Saloon N57N
F01N 740d Saloon N57Z
F01N 740dX Saloon N57Z
F01N 750dX Saloon N57X
F02 730Ld Saloon N57
F02N 730Ld Saloon N57N
F02N 740LdX Saloon N57N
F02N 750LdX Saloon N57X
E84 X1 16d SAV N47N
E84 X1 18d N47 SAV N47
E84 X1 18d N47N SAV N47N
E84 X1 18dX N47 SAV N47
E84 X1 18dX N47N SAV N47N
E84 X1 20d ed SAV N47N
E84 X1 20d N47 SAV N47
E84 X1 20d N47N SAV N47N
E84 X1 20dX N47 SAV N47
E84 X1 20dX N47N SAV N47N
E84 X1 23dX SAV N47S
E84 X1 25dX SAV N47S1
E83N X3 1.8d SAV N47
E83N X3 2.0d SAV (from 03.2009) N47
E83N X3 2.0d N47 SAV (from 03.2009) N47
F25 X3 18d N47N SAV N47N
F25 X3 20dX N47N SAV N47N
F25 X3 28dX SAV N47N
F25 X3 30dX SAV N57N
F25 X3 35dX SAV N57Z
F26 X4 30dX SAC N57N
F26 X4 35dX SAC N57Z
E70N X5 30dX SAV N57
E70N X5 40dX SAV N57S
E70N X5 M50dX SAV N57X
F15 X5 25d SAV N47S1
F15 X5 25d N47S1 SAV N47S1
F15 X5 25dX SAV N57N
F15 X5 25dX N47S1 SAV N47S1
F15 X5 30dX SAV N57N
F15 X5 35dX SAV N57N
F15 X5 40dX SAV N57Z
F15 X5 M50dX SAV N57X
E71 X6 30dX N57 SAC N57
E71 X6 40dX SAC N57S
E71 X6 M50dX SAC N57X
F16 X6 30dX SAC N57N
F16 X6 40dX SAC N57Z
F16 X6 M50dX SAC N57X

Darkside Developments accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public highway where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country

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