Castrol Radicool Antifreeze Concentrate - 1 Litre

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  • Castrol Radicool Antifreeze Concentrate - 1 Litre
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Castrol Radicool Antifreeze Concentrate - 1 Litre

Castrol Radicool is a mixture of monoethylene glycol and selected chemical agents. It contains no nitrites, amines or phosphates. Because it contains no phosphate, the problems of deposits in some modern performance engines are reduced

We have found out by many tests with different antifreezes that this is by far the best on the market

We use this Antifreeze in all our own race cars and many of our customers high power cars

  • Protection against hard water
  • Effective engine cooling without boiling
  • Protection against corrosion of the alloys used in the cooling system of modern vehicles
  • Compatibility with conventional seal and hose materials used in engine cooling systems; protection against cavitation corrosion; efficient lubrication of water pumps
    Our Recommended Mixture:

    6 Parts Radicool
    1 Part Hyperkuhl
    3 Parts Reverse Osmosis Water

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