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Darkside Developments 02J NXG Plated Limited Slip Differential / LSD

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Product Description

Darkside Plated Limited Slip Differential for VAG 02J 5 Speed Gearbox (push-in flanges)

 Fits ALL VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 5 Speed Manual 02J Gearboxes (excludes Quattro / 4Motion) 

Differential Specifics

 For push-in drive flanges
Crown Wheel Bolt PCD 133mm

Crown Wheel Diameter 114mm

A direct replacement for the standard open differential, the Darkside LSD transforms your cars performance and handling. 

The benefits of torque transfer technology are now an essential for most Motorsport, Performance and Fast road/Tack day participants. The increase in exit speed when cornering, and the transformation of the vehicles handling characteristics, are positive performance gains for any vehicle.

The latest NXG LSD is designed and manufactured to be the strongest, most progressive and versatile LSD unit in the market place today. 

The NXG bevel and planet gear pack, with its large, strong tooth profile, gives not only a smooth mesh, but eliminates the rattle and excessive backlash often associated with LSD's. Whilst the plate pack, which always runs on a minimum of 8 active surfaces even in our lighter pre-load settings, gives maximum surface to surface area contact during use.

Darkside Differentials are shipped without Bearings or Bolts. Please select them from the list above if you require the ARP Bolts and Genuine VW Bearings


Fully adjustable for preload, ramp and lock

Improved performance over helical/gear type LSDs 

Drive in zero load condition, lifting a front wheel etc

A smoother ramping design than traditional metal plate LSDs


Ramp angle options
40/90 + 50/90
45/45 + 30/90
Medium preload 40lbs/ft
 Full preload 70lbs/ft


Genuine VW Bearing Part Number

096 323 981  -  096323981

096 323 981 P  -  096323981 P  -  096323981P  


ARP Bolt Numbers

204-3002  -  2043002

The 02J Gearbox is found on the 1998 - 2004 model VAG Vehicles

This will fit all cars with the following Engine Codes: 

Audi A3 - ALH / AGR 90, AXR / ATD 100, AHF / ASV 110

Seat Cordoba - AFN / ASV / ASK 110

Seat Ibiza - ATD / AXR / BMT 100, AFN / ASV / ASK 110

Seat Leon - ALH / AGR 90, AXR 100, ASV / AHF 110

Seat Toledo - AGR / ALH 90, ASV / AHF / AFN 110  

Skoda Octavia - AGR / ALH 90, AXR / ATD 100, ASV / AHF 110 

VW Bora - AGR / ALH 90, AXR / ATD 100, ASV / AHF 110  

VW Golf Mk3 - AHU / ALE / 1Z 90  

VW Golf Mk3 Cabriolet - AFN 110  

VW Golf Mk4 - AGR / ALH 90, AXR / ATD 100, AHF / ASV 110 

VW Beetle - ALH 90, BEW / ATD 100, BSW 105  

VW Beetle Cabriolet - AXR 100, BSW 105 

VW Passat - AFN 110  

VW Polo - ASV / AFN 110  

VW Vento - AFN 110


This will also fit petrol 02J Vehicles as well as the Diesel vehicles

Please include your Gearbox Code to ensure correct fitment. This can be found on the gearbox itself (near the shifter tower) or the sticker under the boot carpet and will be a 3 letter code

This kit will NOT fit vehicles with an 6 Speed Transmission. Please see our shop for the 02M and 02Q Differentials

Genuine VAG Differential Oil also available here: