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Eclipse - Tyre Dressing 500ML

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  • Eclipse - Tyre Dressing 500ML
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Eclipse - Tyre Dressing 500ML

500ML - Darkside Detailing Eclipse - Tyre Dressing

ECLIPSE Tyre Dressing is a high gloss tyre sealant, containing white oil and high grade silicone; leaving the tyres looking glossy and replenished. Our highly effective tyre gel formula will protect your sidewalls from browning and cracking while maintaining a long lasting shine.


Make sure tyres are clean and dry prior to application.
Apply Eclipse to a foam tyre applicator.
Spread formula around the sidewall making sure not to cover the tyre tread.

Darkside Detailing LTD is an independent company specialising in car cleaning & detailing products, it is in no way part of or owned by Darkside Developments

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