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Interstellar - Ceramic Wax 250ML

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  • Interstellar - Ceramic Wax 250ML
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Interstellar - Ceramic Wax 250ML

250ML - Darkside Detailing Interstellar - Ceramic Wax

INTERSTELLAR SiO2 ceramic hard paste wax is a highly refined wax to create the perfect blend of high gloss and protection for your vehicle. Developed using the latest 21st century technology. This high-grade ceramic wax contains premium grades of carnauba, montan, bees wax and of course our sio2 ceramic. Providing exceptional gloss, protection and hydrophobicity for up to 6 months.


Make sure vehicle has been washed and decontaminated thoroughly
Apply a very thin layer (less is more) of Interstellar with a foam or sponge wax applicator, in small circular overlapping motions, focusing on one panel at a time
Allow wax to haze then buff off with a clean microfibre cloth
Depending on weather conditions and temperature, wax haze times may vary significantly so if the wax appears (wet) still allow more time before removing

Darkside Detailing LTD is an independent company specialising in car cleaning & detailing products, it is in no way part of or owned by Darkside Developments

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