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Klarity - Glass Cleaner 500ML

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  • Klarity - Glass Cleaner 500ML
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Klarity - Glass Cleaner 500ML

500ML - Darkside Detailing Klarity - Glass Cleaner

KLARITY Glass Cleaner is a simple yet highly effective glass cleaner designed to be safe on all glass surfaces, including window tints, mirrors and even lightweight acrylic or polycarbonate windows used in racing and high-performance vehicles. Its fast evaporating alcohol based formula will effortlessly remove bugs, greasy films and fingerprints leaving that all important smear and streak free finish.


Simply spray Klarity onto the glass, 3-4 sprays on a manageable piece of glass or half the windscreen.
Spread evenly, then buff off with a clean microfibre or fish scale glass cloth to reveal the perfect streak free finish.

Darkside Detailing LTD is an independent company specialising in car cleaning & detailing products, it is in no way part of or owned by Darkside Developments

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