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Paper Cone Air Filter

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Product Description

Blue Paper Cone Air Filter

  • Universal fitting
  • Increases air flow
  • Reduces amount of dirt and grit to pass though

This Universal Paper Cone Air Filter can be used in a number of applications when the stock airbox cannot be used

The added benefits of a Paper filter against other types of filters is to reduce the amount of dirt and grit allowed through. We have found with Gauze or Foam Filters small objects can pass through the filters, causing foreign object damage to the Turbo Compressor Wheel

We also recommend the use of an N75 System Filter to fit in the end of the Vacuum Hose that is connected to the stock Airbox


To fit this Paper Cone Air Filter to the BKD engines you will require:

2 x 80mm 90 Degree Silicone Hose

MAF Sensor or 1 x 80mm Straight Coupler (Available from eBay)


To fit this Paper Cone Air Filter to the ASZ/BLT/BPX engined Polo, Ibiza or Fabia you will require:

1 x Ibiza, Fabia & Polo TIP Pipe Silicone Hose


To fit this Paper Cone Air Filter to the ASZ/ARL Engined Mk4 Platform Vehicles you will require:

1 x Mk4 Platform TIP Pipe Silicone Hose


The Filter measures 270mm x 160mm with 85mm Outlet (please see 2nd photo for further measurements)


Please Note: The red and black filters as seen fitted in the photos are no longer available

Important Notice: These filters must not be subject to any water. Failure to do so may result in the filter collapsing