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VW Caddy Mk3 / Mk4 Van Rear Lowering Kit / Leaf-Spring Adjusters

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  • Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Low Kit
  • Caddy Low Kit with GAZ 50mm Front Springs
  • Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Super Low Kit
  • Low Kit
  • Caddy Low Kit with GAZ 50mm Front Springs
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 VW Caddy Mk3 / Mk4 Rear Lowering Kit /  Leaf-Spring Adjusters

Fits Caddy Mk3 / Mk4 2K Van Rear Axle (FWD & 4Motion)

  • Low Option allows lowering of 40mm - 80mm
  • Super Low Option allows lowering of 80mm +
  • Fully adjustable height options
  • Hidden shackles and more ground clearance
  • CNC Laser Cut and Zinc Electroplated to prevent corrosion

 The Lowering Kit allows you to flip the rear axle on your Caddy 2K Van and then adjust the ride height to suit

This kit will also fit Maxi and 4Motion models

The Low Kit is good for lowering 40mm - 80mm (this will go lower but the wheel will be pushed further towards the arch), If you are planning on going lower than 80mm then you will need the Super Low Kit (this will keep the wheel central at this height)

This kit consists of:

4 x Adjustable Shackle Plates (2 per side)
6 x Axle Sandwich Plates (3 Per Side)
8 x Hi-Tensile Bolts

8 x Nyloc Nuts
16 x Washers

They are full adjustable with 6 different height options. The beauty of this setup is that you can adjust the height as many times as you like by simply adjusting 2 bolts. Perfect if you like to run low but still want the option of carrying some weight. If you do not want so many options, you can cut the plates down to your desired length

The Low Kit gives the same height range as all the other Rear Shackles available

The Super Low Kit has some major changes compared to other kits available on the market:

1 - Super Low Height

Compared to the other kits available, our new design can go another 2 notches lower which equates to around 20mm

2 - Hidden Shackles

We have removed the highest setting to tuck the shackles behind the rear bumper. This also aids ground clearance as we found the shackles hang quite low, which would cause problems going up steep driveways or kerbs

3 - Axle Relocation

This is the main change and something that we found to be a major issue with other kits on the market. When lowering the rear by a fair amount, the wheel moves very close to the front of the arch. We have made changes that relocates the wheel much further back

 The parts are CNC Laser Cut and then Zinc Electroplated to prevent corrosion

We also have a full fitting guide, once your order is placed, please email us and we can send the PDF

Once fitted you may notice side to side movement in the rear axle, this movement is normal and present from factory but not usually noticeable with the stock wheels and ride height. With the van lowered the wheel becomes closer to the body to this movement is highlighted and easier to notice, more so with aftermarket wheels that protude further from the arch

We also have 2 options for lowering the front:

H&R 40-60mm Front Lowering Springs

Bilstein B14 Front Adjustable Coilovers


PLEASE NOTE - This kit is for 'Off Road Use' Only


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