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Wipeout - Interior Cleaner 500ML

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  • Wipeout - Interior Cleaner 500ML
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Wipeout - Interior Cleaner 500ML

500ML - Darkside Detailing Wipeout - Interior Cleaner

WIPEOUT Interior cleaner is a ready to use all purpose cleaner designed to be safe on all interior car surfaces. Designed to gently lift stubborn stains and marks whilst remaining completely safe on fabrics, carpet, rubber and vinyl.

With its low foaming formula it penetrates deep into the stain or mark lifting it effortlessly, making this a great product to have in the detailing kit.


For light soiling spray directly on to the affected area or on a microfibre cloth and wipe until clean.
For carpets, mats and upholstery, spray on to the affected area and let soak for 1 minute (a suitable scrubbing brush may be required to agitate the area).
Once stain has been removed extract excess liquid with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Darkside Detailing LTD is an independent company specialising in car cleaning & detailing products, it is in no way part of or owned by Darkside Developments

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