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WON Street-Blaster 150D Dry Nitrous Kit

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  • WON Street-Blaster 150D Dry Nitrous Kit
  • 5lbs & 11lbs Bottle Sizes
  • 5lbs Bottle
  • 11lbs Bottle
  • WON Street-Blaster 150D Dry Nitrous Kit
  • 5lbs & 11lbs Bottle Sizes
  • 5lbs Bottle
  • 11lbs Bottle
£642.00 - £841.20 (Inc. VAT)
£535.00 - £701.00 (Ex. VAT)


Wizard of NOS Dry Diesel Nitrous Kit

This Street-Blaster 150D Nitrous kit from Wizards of NOS is a dry nitrous only system that has been designed specifically for diesel engine applications


The diesel engines requires a dry nitrous system, additional fuel must still be available for combustion with the nitrous in order to see an improvement in performance, Standard or mildly tuned cars will not see a justifiable increase, More smoke = More power with NOS!!

The Street-Blaster 150D has the potential to increase the power of your engine by up to 150hp, however each engine's power output capabilities and total power achievable can vary


A very important aspect of nitrous injection on the diesels engines is that it is impossible to have the incorrect fuel/air ratio, which can damaged the engine by running lean or due to detonation

The Diesel engines are more robust than the equivalent Petrol Engines, meaning that they are far more capable of handling greater power increases

Parts Included in the Kit

Billet Alloy Nitrous Pulsoid with Stainless Steel fittings and Laser Cut mounting plates

1 x 5lb or 11lb Bottle with maxflow valve (bottle shipped empty)

1 x Extruded Alloy bottle bracket w/ Stainless Steel straps

1 x Throttle microswitch with bracket - Throttle Position Sensor available for an extra charge

5m of 5mm high pressure Nylon nitrous supply line

0.5m Nylon supply line from Pulsoid to Injector

6 x Backing nuts and olives for nylon lines

1 x Venom injector (with spacer & retainer)

1 x Arming switch w/ aircraft style cover

1 x Electrical connectors & wire pack

25, 50 and 75 BHP or 75, 125 & 150 metering jets Please Specify

Fitting Instructions & Stickers

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