X-BOW PowerParts Racing ABS - Kit without Harness

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  • X-BOW PowerParts Racing ABS - Kit without Harness
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X-BOW PowerParts Racing ABS - Kit without Harness

The racing ABS is especially configured for the use in a KTM X-BOW and results in a huge braking performance improvement. The actual wheel speed is evaluated during the braking operation and in case of deviation to the calculated value the ABS intervenes and corrects the braking force at each wheel. This automatic control of the brake distance is ideally optimized and the vehicle stability and maneuverability are enormously improved during braking in various weather conditions. The intervention can be adjusted by using a 10-stage regulator to suit the weather conditions, race tracks, driving style or it can also be completely deactivated. For installation in the KTM X-BOW the cable harness must be renewed in order to guarantee proper functioning. It is recommended that the installation is carried out by a KTM X-BOW service partner or at the KTM X-BOW factory. Suitable for all KTM X-BOW models. For cars build before model year 2016 and GT models, additionally the racing vehicle harness is necessary for implementation.


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