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DSG Remapping


Higher Torque Limit

Most DSG Gearboxes have a set torque limit of 360nm (265ft/lbs) meaning tuned cars will be limited to this figure even if the engine is wanting to produce more. We can increase this torque limit to 500nm (368ft/lbs) or in some cases remove it completely.


Forced Up Shift

Even in manual mode the DSG gearbox will automatically change up at a set RPM. This doesn't always suit everyone's driving style and can be quite annoying. We can set this to a higher RPM or disable it completely. Ideal for track or fast road use.


Launch Control

To get the perfect set off we are able to reprogram the DSG to a certain RPM limit when stationary. When set at the correct RPM limit the car will have a perfect balance of power and grip to get a quick set off with minimal amount of wheel spin.


DSG STAGE 1    £300 + VATred-line.png

  • Increase torque limit from 360NM (265ft/lbs) to 500NM (368ft/lbs)

DSG STAGE 2    £350 + VAT

  • Increase torque limit from 360NM (265ft/lbs) to 500NM (368ft/lbs)
  • Disable or increase RPM limit for forced up shift in manual mode
  • Disable auto kickdown in manual mode

DSG STAGE 3    £400 + VATred-line.png

  • Increase Torque limit from 360NM (265ft/lbs) to 600NM (442ft/lbs)
  • Disable or increase RPM limit for forced up shift in manual mode
  • Optimised Launch Control
  • Quicker shifting times
  • Shift maps in S mode to be adjusted

DSG STAGE 4    £600 + VATred-line.png

  • Custom DSG tune to your requirements. Ideal for track cars & heavily modified road cars etc. (Vehicle required for 1-2 Days)
  • Increased Clutch pressure

If you are interested in our tuning services or would like to know more information please contact us