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Pricing Questions

Q - I added an item to my cart, and now the price has changed, why is this?
A - All the prices on our website exclude VAT, so when you add them to your cart and select your Country, the system will recognise if VAT should be charged and will add this to your total.

Q - Do the prices on your website include VAT and/or Postage?
A - Due to our high number of export customers, all prices in the store are excluding VAT until you add them to your shopping cart and estimate shipping. Shipping quotes are based on the weight (and size) of the items in your cart as well as your location.

Q - Do the 'Estimate Shipping and Taxes' charges include any Import Costs to my country?
A - The Shipping and Taxes estimate DOES NOT include any Import Tax, VAT or Duties you may be liable to pay upon import into your country. It is the buyers responsibility to pay these charges upon import and to adequately research such charges BEFORE purchasing any items. If import duties are not paid, the item may be returned back to us. The initial shipping costs and any extra charges we incur as a result of this will be deducted from any refund made to you.

Q - Do you ship to my Country?
A - We ship to most countries in the world, we have a list of countries that we DO NOT ship to here

Invoices, Tracking and Returns

Q - How do I view, print or save my completed order invoices?
A - Click Here

Q - How do I find the tracking number for my order?
A - Click Here

Q - How do I return an item?
A - Click Here

Vehicle Details

Q - Where can I find my Engine Code?
A - The engine code can be found on a small sticker located on top of the timing belt cover. See photos below: 

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Q - Where can I find my VIN Number?
A - The main place to find the VIN Number is in the bottom passenger side corner of the windscreen. It can also be found in your V5 Document.
     See photos below:

vin-number.jpg  v5-doc.jpg 
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Q - What is the difference between Transverse and Longitudinal?
 - See photo below:


Q - What is the difference between a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) and Single Mass Flywheel (SMF)?
A (DMF) - A Dual Mass Flywheel is made up of two parts held together by a damping mechanism design to reduce the vibrations of the engine transferring throughout the vehicle. It also absorbs the torque loads of the crankshaft and helps deliver a smooth transfer to the road wheels via the clutch.  

DMF Advantages DMF Disadvantages
  • Isolated engine vibrations
  • Reduced noise
  • Improved shifting comfort
  • Quieter start-up behaviour
  • Lower life expectancy
  • Not good for high torque applications
  • Expensive to replace
  • Compromised reliability

 (SMF) - A Single Mass Flywheel is a simple one piece alternative for customers needing to replace the dual-mass flywheel clutch system. This will do the job of a flywheel without complicated mechanisms.

SMF Advantages SMF Disadvantages
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low cost and re-usable
  • Good for high torque applications
  • Increase reliability
  • Increased noise
  • Increased vibration
  • Less refined gear changes
  • Harsher start-up behaviour


Tuning Questions

Q - I have a problem with my car, can it still be tuned?
A - We reserve the right to refuse to tune a car that we feel is unsafe or has any hardware problems such as; Faulty Turbo, Boost Leaks, Bald Tyres etc.  

Q - I want to tune my TDI engine, what products can you offer me?
A - Please browse our products, projects and customers cars to get an idea of what we can offer before you email or call us. We get 100's of emails a week from customers who have not spent a few minutes to look around the site, where they would find all the information they need.

Q - Do you're Turbo Kits fit LHD vehicles as well?
A - All our Turbo Kits will fit LHD vehicles unless specified. Please send us the Reg / VIN number for confirmation that the kit you are looking at is correct for your vehicle.

Q - If I change to a bigger turbo or fit larger injectors, will my fuel economy get worse?
A - Most power increasing modifications, when done right, will not adversely affect the fuel economy of your engine under normal driving conditions. This is because the engine will not have to work as hard as standard at normal RPMs. Some customers have even noted an increase in economy with the higher power output. Obviously when driving spiritedly your economy will be reduced.

Q - I am looking for a clutch for my car, what do you have available?
A - Whilst not all of the clutch kits we have available are listed in the store, please check to see if a kit is listed for your vehicle before emailing or calling. If you do require assistance, please email with the following details:

Vehicle Make and Model
Engine Code
Transmission (5 or 6 Speed)
Registration Number / Chassis Number
Current / Desired Power output and Torque Figures
Use of vehicle (Daily Driving, Fast Road, Track, Drag etc)

We will then advise on your options and give prices accordingly.


Trade / Dealer Questions

Q - I am a VAT registered business within the EU, can you sell without the VAT?
A - If you have a valid EU VAT number, please create and account on the website and then email us with your company VAT details (Company Name, Address and VAT Number) and we will apply the 0% Tax rate to your account.

Q - I am a trade customer, what discounts can you offer me?
A - We deal with trade customers on an individual basis. Please get in touch if you want to become a DarksideDevelopments trade customer. Trade customers must be in the automotive industry and actively advertise our products in their local area.


Product Questions

Q - Do you sell Gift Vouchers / Gift Certificates?
A - Yes, follow our guide on how to purchase a Gift Certificate from our website: https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/gift-certificate-guide/

Q - Do you have fitting guides?
A - Yes, some products come with a free fitting guide. It will automatically add this to your cart when checking out with selected products. This is a downloadable PDF that is available on your order confirmation email. Click the link to download the guide. (We do not send out a paper copy of fitting guides unless requested before the product is sent out) See here where to download your guide: CLICK HERE