Here at Darkside Developments we like to fabricate things ourselves, this way we know everything is to the highest quality and that no corners have been cut during the process. We have a three qualified Fabricators, all with over 10 years experience specialising in TIG and MIG welding in the automotive sector.

As well as fabricating most of our products that we already have listed on our website, we also have the facility to do custom fabrication work. Our experience in custom fabrication includes:

  • Manifolds
  • Alloy Pipework
  • Custom Aluminium Parts
  • Downpipes
  • Exhausts
For any other custom fabrication please contact us.
Trade customers - We can manage your entire R&D portfolio from concept to delivery, all from our modern facility.

Take a look at the products we already have listed on the website:

Manifolds - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/tubular-manifolds/

Alloy Pipework and Intercooler Kits - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/intercoolers-and-pipes/

Downpipes - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/de-cats-dpf-deletes-and-exhaust/

For prices on Custom Exhaust Systems please see our listing - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/products/darkside-developments-custom-exhaust-systems.html stainless-tig-welding.png