Our Facility

Our new facility includes more office space for our growing customer service team, more storage so we can keep more of the parts you want in stock for same day dispatch, a separate fabrication area to keep up with demand on our custom products, much needed room for expansion into other areas as well as large reception area for customers to wait while we work on their vehicles And to all the haters who say we are destroying the environment with our dirty diesels, we have installed a massive 69kW SolarWorld System, over-specified the insulation and installed low energy LED lighting and rainwater harvesting so the building is actually Carbon Negative. This means it produces more energy than it consumes!



For most customers our reception is the first thing they see, for others it is what they will see all day while we work on their car. Because of this, we have decorated our reception an extension of our company, kitting it out with custom fabricated furniture, trophies, awards and our own memorabilia. You can purchase drinks and food from the vendors while you wait, then settle into the Recaro seats, turn on the heating and air conditioning, and watch our YouTube channel on the wide-screen TV.

Dyno Dynamics
Dyno Dynamics

Dyno Cell

We now also have an External Dyno Cell that allows us to replicate real driving conditions inside a soundproof and temperature controlled booth. See more on our Dyno Cell HERE

Dyno Dynamics
Dyno Dynamics

Build Progress

We purchased the land our units are built on from the UK Government as part of the regeneration of the old Coalfield sites around the Barnsley Area. We then designed the units ourselves and enlisted local companies to assist in the build. Some progress photos are below