MSV Turismo-X

Darkside Developments have been chosen as the sole supplier of control tyres for the MSV Turismo-X - the new name for the SuperCup - in partnership with Yokohama. After spending a full season testing the A052 tyres with assistance from Yokohama, we have determined that their A052 Tread is perfect for the Saloon and Hatchback cars that race in the MSV Series. We have countless customers using these tyres

Making the most of the Tyres

We find that a few small changes to setup and pressures can have a massive impact on tyre life and grip levels. The aim is to get a perfect amount of wear across the whole tyre, which ultimately means they will last longer. These tyres are much better in wet conditions than any other semi-slick tyre, even part worn these will take some beating.


Front Camber for track use can be up to 4.5 degrees negative, depending on track and conditions etc. General rule is that the more negative camber then more air pressure is required. The quickest and easiest way to ensure you have the right amount of camber is to check the temperature spread across the tyre. An even spread is perfect, but up to 10 degrees more on the inside usually ends up with the most even treadwear.


Minimum cold start pressure is 1.4 BAR with a Maximum of 2.1-2.2 BAR when hot.

A General rule for wet conditions is to increase tyre pressures as this aids water clearance, because track speeds are lower the pressure will also never reach the dry 'Hot' pressure. Depending on conditions, pressures over the ‘dry’ optimum varies for different cars – front or rear wheel drive/ saloon or single seater etc, so it is best to test different pressure settings etc when possible to see what works for your setup. A good place to start will be +5psi.

Spring Rates

If you want to go further than the above changes, the next step would be to look at increased spring rates. The construction of the tyre is as such that you can run higher spring rates as grip levels are nearing full slicks. If the outside shoulder is wearing a 10n or so stiffer spring would be a good place to start.

Ordering the Tyres

Please see below for details on how to purchase the Yokohama A052 Tyres for the 2022 Race Season.

We have all the sizes listed here -[]=A052&Tread[]=A048

There are possibly a couple of sizes that are not yet available in A052, so A048 will be accepted until they are ready sometime mid-season.

To order, you can refine the search on the site using the filters at the side to find your size.

Then add the quantity you require to your cart.

Once in your cart you click 'Add Coupon' and enter the code 'TURISMOX10' and click 'Apply'.

This will then take 10% off the Retail prices.

You then just checkout as normal. You can pay with PayPal, Credit / Debit Card, or if you need an Invoice to pay via Bank Transfer, select 'Bank Deposit' and an Invoice will be emailed to you or available to download via your account.

The tyres will be dispatched directly from Yokohama to the address you enter at the checkout phase. During the racing weekend, please approach a member of the Darkside Team with your Order Number, and we will apply the Barcoded Stickers to the tyres to ensure they meet the Turismo-X Regulations.

Any questions, please Contact Us We look forward to racing with you next year!