DQ250 - Servicing / Replacements & Upgrades

DQ250 - Servicing / Replacements & Upgrades

At the time of launch in 2003, the DQ250 became the world's first dual-clutch transmission in a series-production car, in the German-market Volkswagen Golf Mk4 R32, and shortly afterwards worldwide, in the original Audi TT 3.2 and the 2004+ New Beetle TDI. Since then the DQ250 is fitted to most 6 speed DSG models from 2003-present. 

If maintained the gearboxes are very realiable and also pretty good when it comes to tuning.
Most 02E Gearboxes have a set torque limit of 360nm (265ft/lbs) in the software but this can be increased with tuning but we'll get onto that further down the blog.

We have quite a few options for the 6 Speed DSG DQ250 02E transmission, from upgrades and tuning to service parts. Please see below for options:


Service parts:

The DSG Transmissions require regular servicing to ensure perfect operation. We get many emails from customers with issues such as poor take off, jerky shifts or even faults showing on the dashboard. These are generally solved with a full oil flush and change. We recommend an Oil Change every 40k Miles or 4 years.


The DSG TCU is infinitely customisable, and we offer various 'stages'. For more information on tuning and price please follow this link: https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/dsg-and-auto-gearbox-tuning/
The following features can enable:
  • Increase torque limit from 360NM (265ft/lbs) to 500NM (368ft/lbs) or 650nm (479ft/lbs)
  • Optimised shift points in D & S
  • Disable auto upshift in manual mode
  • Disable auto kickdown in manual mode
  • Optimised launch control
  • Increase clutch pressure
  • Quicker shifting times
  • Shift lever delay removed

Replacement Parts

These are OEM Replacements. We do not currently list any upgrades and do not plan to. They are usually only required for extreme torque outputs, and require a lot of tuning for smooth engagement in daily driving.


Differential (LSD):
We have various options depending on the vehicle use. The Quaife ATB are just fit and forget, no need for any maintenance. Plated Diffs require regular oil changes and routine inspection and rebuilding when the plates wear beyond the specified limits.
Oil Coolers:
The Oil Coolers on these can be upgraded either with a larger Oil / Coolant Heat Exchanger, or remove the exchanger completely for a Front Mounted setup:
24 06 2021

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