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Push Button Quick Release Clip

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  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
  • Push Button Quick Release Clip
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 Quick Release Clip - Push Button Release

Quick Release Push Clip Latches are a revolutionary new fastening technology designed to replace the traditional style of bonnet pins or panel fasteners. These simple, sleek designed quick release latch type fasteners are an elegant solution quickly snapping shut and even quicker to release. They have a simple push button operation instead of the usual captive pin. They also remove the annoying problem of losing your pin!

Perfect for body panels, bonnets, boots, and interior compartments

Each Clip Includes the following:

  • Black Latch & Fixing Bolt
  • M6 Stud
  • 2 M6 Nuts
  • 2 M6 Washers

The Quick Release Latches are similar to a traditional style bonnet pin which is in two parts. Quick latch comes also in two parts, one with a threaded M6 stud that has a ball-headed recepticle on the end and the second part which houses the latch. The latch positively locates with a snap over the receptical and is released with a simple push of a button.

Quick latch can accept upto 8mm panel thickness, whilst the stud has a length of 40mm giving it a wide range of mounting options. Furthermore, the quick release latch has a large range of alignment through 360° thanks to the ball recepticle, meaning these latches are perfect for those jobs where panel shape can be tricky and where traditionally designed fasteners just won't do.

Quick Release Latches also have further tricks up their sleeves, the addition of spring loaded shock absorption to the latch means that panels have room to flex without damage, especially with composite type panels. The latch is also corrosion proof to battle the elements and provide longevity to your panel mountings, with anodised heads (latches) and stainless studs.

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