DFS Upgrades

DFS Upgrades

We're still not sure why VW have never produced a sporty (GTI / GTD) version of the Caddy van, but for those seeking that hot hatch feeling whilst still having the practically of a van, don't worry, we have you covered.

The newer (DFS) range of 2.0 TDI Caddy's seem to be the ideal platform to start from. With the DFSF (75) DFSC (75) DFSD (102) DFSE (122) DFSB (150) all fitted with the same hardware, these can all be tuned to the same level.

This blog outlines the options we can offer for these models, ranging from a custom remap to our GTB turbo kit...


The first step to tuning would be a custom remap retaining stock hardware, with this we would expect to see around 180-185 BHP

Custom Remap (EDC17 ECU | Standard / Minor Modifications) - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/ecu-tuning/
(Custom tuning includes road testing, logging and dyno testing with before and after print outs)

We also have a few other simple bolt on upgrades that can be done at this stage:

Other bolts on upgrades that require further software changes include DPF, Catalyst and the Low Pressure EGR Delete

At any stage we can do DPF removal and EGR blanking as an option. We must advise it is illegal to remove emission control devices from vehicles permitted to drive on UK roads.
The work would be strictly performed for off road use. This means we can not accept any responsibility for the vehicle being driven on UK roads. Also when carrying out custom tunes, we would not be able to road test afterwards.

We have 2 options:
The first kit is a smaller delete kit which resembles an aftermarket DPF, but is completely straight though to avoid restriction.

The second kit is easier to fit, slightly cheaper but is longer and doesn't have the appearance of an aftermarket DPF.

Both of these, remove both the DPF Catalyst and Low Pressure EGR system (The high pressure EGR valve is mapped completely closed).
If you do go down this route, you will need additional software to suit the removal of the DPF and EGR removal.

If you want to go a step further, and 180-185 BHP is not enough, we have a complete turbo kit solution that with the below parts can make up to 250-260 BHP.


Vehicles fitted with the 5 speed gearbox, will need a 6 speed conversion + a Sachs Race Clutch kit if aiming for 200bhp+. The conversion can still be carried on vehicles running sub 200bhp but a stock 6 speed Sachs kit can be fitted rather than the Race kit.
Manual 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion:
We can supply the full 6 speed gearbox conversion for around £600+ VAT est. plus a clutch and flywheel kit to suit:

DMF & Clutch Kit

DMF & Sachs SRE Clutch Kit

DSG MODELS - DQ250 - 02E 0D9:
The 6 speed DSG models don't require upgrading, they are a very strong transmission but do require tuning when putting increased power through them. (The clutch pressure needs increasing) 
More information on this can be found here: https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/dsg-and-auto-gearbox-tuning/
There also a tonne of extra features we can unlock (quicker shift times etc), see the link above.


For some extra grip, we can also supply Quaife Limited Slip Differentials:

Quaife 02Q LSD (6 Speed Manual)

Quaife 02E DQ250 LSD (DSG)

We have a lot of 02Q 6 speed modifications (Short shifter, and strengthening mods) for more information on those please contact us.

TURBO KIT - 250 / 260 BHP

Back onto the power adders...
We consider this to be the ultimate street setup for the DSF engine Caddy. To see around 250-260 BHP you would need the following parts:

With the above hardware a custom remap will be required.
Custom Remap (EDC17 ECU | Large Turbo Upgrade + EGR & DPF Software Delete) - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/ecu-tuning/ecu-tuning/

If you would like an all in price for any of the above work including labour please contact us via our contact page - http://drksi.de/contact

29 03 2021

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