Tuning the BMW x30d N57N / N57D30A 3.0 Diesel Engine

Tuning the BMW x30d N57N / N57D30A 3.0 Diesel Engine

The 3.0 Diesel N57 Engine found in most of the F Series (and some of the E Series) BMWs is highly tuneable, and pretty much bullet proof (save for the usually emissions gremlins).
We have tuned many of them over the years, and now have a good recipe for the ultimate daily driver setup whilst maintaining that reliability.
This Blog Post is specifically talking about the N57N / N57D30A engine with Solenoid Injectors, but the principles of the mods are pretty similar to the other N57 Engines.


Custom dyno tuning starts from £400 + VAT
This is a fully custom tune that's specific to your vehicle which includes road testing, logging and dyno testing with before and after printouts. We would expect ~300-320bhp

For models with Automatic Gearboxes, we can also offer tuning for that. The F Series engines have a 8HP Gearbox.
Details of our services are linked below:


OE Intercoolers on BMW's prove to be a limiting factor when tuning, IAT's are often in excess of 60°, with our intercooler upgrade on the F30s installed, we saw a maximum of 35° on the dyno. We have several upgrades depending on your platform.


We also have EGR, Swirl Flap and DPF removal options. If everything is healthy, we do not generally see an increase in power with these mods, but it does help with reliability as you are removing a potential failure point.


The DPF can be removed to maximise exhaust gas flow which in turn allows faster spool and lower exhaust gas temperatures. The ECU is less likely to pull power due to DPF protection.
We must advise it is illegal to remove emission control devices from vehicles permitted to drive on UK roads.
The work would be strictly performed for off road use. This means we can not accept any responsibility for the vehicle being driven on UK roads.


If you are not happy with the power from the Stock Turbo, we have a couple of Hybrid options. The GTD2872VR fits exactly like stock, with the Outlet Damper, so will look pretty factory to the untrained eye. If you do not need to retain that, then you can go with the GTD2873VR. The 72mm will max out ~420bhp and the 73mm will max out ~440bhp.

Fuel System

As a quick easy fix is the Metering Valve (Straight Plug), which will allow the stock pump to maintain rail pressure at higher RPMs. Above this, we would need to look at a Fuel Pump Upgrade.
We also recommend a Rail Pressure sensor upgrade, as the stock 2200 BAR Sensor cannot read high enough.
We would need to fit this and find the next limitation, which is likely to be the Injectors. We are currently working on an upgrade for that, as there are few upgrades available for the Solenoid Injectors found in these models. The x50d Injectors are Piezo so don't fit.

Please see below for a video a customer vehicle we did this conversion on:

19 04 2021

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