BMW N47N / N47S1 / N57N / N57X / N57Z EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit

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  • BMW N47N / N47S1 / N57N / N57X / N57Z EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit
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BMW N47N / N47S1 / N57N / N57X / N57Z EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit

BMW EGR and EGR Cooler Delete Kit for N47N / N47S1 / N57N / N57X / N57Z Engines

  • Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power
  • Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up
  • Removes problematic EGR Cooler
  • This Kit Consists of the following:

    Full EGR and Cooler Delete Kit

    If you have the US Spec N57N Engine with Additional EGR Cooler, you will also require this kit:

    Series / Chassis

    E70N / E71 / E84 / F01N / F02N / F06 / F06N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F12 / F12N / F13 / F13N / F15 / F16 / F20 / F20N / F21 / F21N / F22 / F25 / F26 / F30 / F30N / F31 / F31N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F33N / F34 / F34N / F36 / F36N


    114d / 116d / 120d / 125d / 218d / 220d / 225d / 318d / 320d / 320dX / 325d / 328d / 328dX / 330d / 330dX / 335dX / 418d / 420d / 420dX / 425d / 430d / 430dX / 435dX / 518d / 520d / 520dX / 525d / 525dX


    N47N / N47S1 / N57N / N57X / N57Z

    Fitment Data

    This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

    E70N N57X X5 M50dX SAV
    E71 N57X X6 M50dX SAC
    E84 N47S1 X1 25dX SAV
    F01N N57N 730d Saloon
    F01N N57N 730dX Saloon
    F01N N57X 750dX Saloon
    F01N N57Z 740d Saloon
    F01N N57Z 740dX Saloon
    F02N N57N 730Ld Saloon
    F02N N57X 750LdX Saloon
    F06 N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
    F06 N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
    F06N N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
    F06N N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
    F07 N47N 520d Gran Turismo
    F07 N57N 530d Gran Turismo
    F07 N57N 530dX Gran Turismo
    F07 N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
    F07 N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
    F07N N47N 520d Gran Turismo
    F07N N57N 530d Gran Turismo
    F07N N57N 530dX Gran Turismo
    F07N N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
    F07N N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
    F10 N47N 520d ed Saloon
    F10 N47N 520d Saloon from 09.2011
    F10 N47S1 525d Saloon
    F10 N47S1 525dX Saloon
    F10 N57N 530d Saloon
    F10 N57N 530dX Saloon
    F10 N57X M550dX Saloon
    F10 N57Z 535d Saloon
    F10 N57Z 535dX Saloon
    F10N N47N 518d Saloon
    F10N N47N 520d Saloon
    F10N N47N 520dX Saloon
    F10N N47S1 525d Saloon
    F10N N47S1 525dX Saloon
    F10N N57N 530d Saloon
    F10N N57N 530dX Saloon
    F10N N57N 535d Saloon
    F10N N57N 535dX Saloon
    F10N N57X M550dX Saloon
    F10N N57Z 535d Saloon
    F10N N57Z 535dX Saloon
    F11 N47N 520d Touring from 09.2011
    F11 N47S1 525d Touring
    F11 N47S1 525dX Touring
    F11 N57N 530d Touring
    F11 N57N 530dX Touring
    F11 N57X M550dX Touring
    F11 N57Z 535d Touring
    F11 N57Z 535dX Touring
    F11N N47N 518d Touring
    F11N N47N 520d Touring
    F11N N47N 520dX Touring
    F11N N47S1 525d Touring
    F11N N47S1 525dX Touring
    F11N N57N 530d Touring
    F11N N57N 530dX Touring
    F11N N57X M550dX Touring
    F11N N57Z 535d Touring
    F11N N57Z 535dX Touring
    F12 N57Z 640d Convertible
    F12 N57Z 640dX Convertible
    F12N N57Z 640d Convertible
    F12N N57Z 640dX Convertible
    F13 N57Z 640d Coupe
    F13 N57Z 640dX Coupe
    F13N N57Z 640d Coupe
    F13N N57Z 640dX Coupe
    F15 N57N X5 25dX SAV
    F15 N57N X5 30dX SAV
    F15 N57N X5 35dX S AV
    F15 N57X X5 M50dX SAV
    F15 N57Z X5 40dX SAV
    F16 N57N X6 30dX SAC from 09.2015
    F16 N57X X6 M50dX SAC
    F16 N57Z X6 40dX SAC
    F20 N47N 114d 5 doors
    F20 N47N 116d ed 5 doors
    F20 N47N 120d 5 doors
    F20 N47S1 125d 5 doors
    F20N N47N 114d 5 doors
    F21 N47N 114d 3 doors
    F21 N47N 116d ed 3 doors
    F21 N47N 120d 3 doors
    F21 N47S1 125d 3 doors
    F21N N47N 114d 3 doors
    F22 N47N 218d Coupe
    F22 N47N 220d Coupe
    F22 N47S1 225d Coupe
    F25 N57N X3 30dX SAV
    F25 N57Z X3 35dX SAV
    F26 N57N X4 30dX SAC
    F26 N57Z X4 35dX SAC
    F30 N47N 318d Saloon
    F30 N47N 320d ed Saloon
    F30 N47N 320d Saloon
    F30 N47N 328d Saloon
    F30 N47N 328dX Saloon
    F30 N47S1 325d Saloon
    F30 N57N 330d Saloon
    F30 N57N 330dX Saloon
    F30 N57Z 335dX Saloon
    F30N N47N 320d Saloon
    F30N N47N 328d Saloon
    F30N N47N 328dX Saloon
    F30N N47S1 325d Saloon
    F30N N57N 330d Saloon
    F30N N57N 330dX Saloon
    F30N N57Z 335dX Saloon
    F31 N47N 318d Touring
    F31 N47N 320d ed Touring
    F31 N47N 320d Touring
    F31 N47N 328dX Touring
    F31 N47S1 325d Touring
    F31 N57N 330d Touring
    F31 N57N 330dX Touring
    F31 N57Z 335dX Touring
    F31N N47N 320d Touring
    F31N N47N 328dX Touring
    F31N N47S1 325d Touring
    F31N N57N 330d Touring
    F31N N57N 330dX Touring
    F31N N57Z 335dX Touring
    F32 N47N 420d Coupe
    F32 N47N 420dX Coupe
    F32 N47S1 425d Coupe
    F32 N57N 430d Coupe
    F32 N57N 430dX Coupe
    F32 N57Z 435dX Coupe
    F32N N57N 430d Coupe
    F32N N57N 430dX Coupe
    F32N N57Z 435dX Coupe
    F33 N47N 420d Convertible
    F33 N47S1 425d Convertible
    F33 N57N 430d Convertible
    F33 N57Z 435dX Convertible
    F33N N57N 430d Convertible
    F33N N57Z 435dX Convertible
    F34 N47N 318d Gran Turismo
    F34 N47N 320d Gran Turismo
    F34 N47N 320dX Gran Turismo
    F34 N47S1 325d Gran Turismo
    F34 N57N 330d Gran Turismo
    F34 N57N 330dX Gran Turismo
    F34 N57Z 335dX Gran Turismo
    F34N N57N 330d Gran Turismo
    F34N N57N 330dX Gran Tur ismo
    F34N N57Z 335dX Gran Turismo
    F36 N47N 418d Gran Coupe
    F36 N47N 420d Gran Coupe
    F36 N47N 420dX Gran Coupe
    F36 N57N 430d Gran Coupe
    F36 N57N 430dX Gran Coupe
    F36 N57Z 435dX Gran Coupe
    F36N N57N 430d Gran Coupe
    F36N N57N 430dX Gran Coupe
    F36N N57Z 435dX Gran Coupe

    Fits EGR Cooler Part Numbers:

    11 71 7 823 319 - 11717823319 - 7 823 319 - 7823319
    11 71 7 823 210 - 11717823210 - 7 823 210 - 7823210

    Fitting Costs

    Darkside Developments offers professional in-house fitting for all products at our workshop located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

    Labour Time (Hours) Labour Cost
    3 £150 + VAT
    For more Information or to make a booking, please CONTACT US
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