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Sachs VR6 Clutch Kit for G60 Flywheel

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  • Sachs VR6 Clutch Kit for G60 Flywheel


Sachs VR6 Clutch Kit

Fits ALL VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 4 Cyl 02J / 02A 5 Speed Vehicles

  • Will handle more power
  • Prevents clutch disk from slipping
  • More reliable over standard DMF
  • Popular conversion for 1.8T and 1.9TDi
  • Rated to 300Ft/Lbs+
  • To Fit The Transverse Engines

This kit consists of:

Genuine SACHS VR6 Clutch Disc
Genuine SACHS VR6 Pressure Plate
Genuine SACHS Release Bearing

These are a popular conversion on the VW Golf Mk4 Platform with 1.8T and 1.9 TDI Engines to remove the OEM Dual Mass Flywheel, when either running increased power or the DMF fails

The kits have been used on vehicles with 300Ft/Lbs+ (410Nm) with no issues. We have one in our Mk2 Caddy TDi Van which has 318Ft/Lbs (430Nm) and it works perfectly

We also have this available as a complete kit with the G60 Flywheel and Bolt Kit -

 For those who require an even stronger kit, we can offer a range of kits to suit your needs. Please check out the shop or contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for

This kit will NOT fit vehicles with a 6 Speed Transmission or Longitudinal Engines. Please see our other items or contact us if you require a 6 Speed Clutch and Flywheel


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