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This is our first vlog so be nice...

So as a tuning company that spends a lot of time and resources on Research and Development, there are situations where we need to purchase a perfectly good vehicle to then rip it to pieces. We were in that situation. The team were brainstorming ideas for the next vehicle, and came up with a few 'must haves':

  1. 3.0 TDI Common Rail Engine - We have already pushed the boundaries massively of the 2.0 Common Rail with our Arosa and CitiGo Projects, we wanted more displacement. There are 4.2 and 6.0 Common Rail TDI Engines, as well as the 4.0 in the new SQ7, but it needed to be a vehicle we can produce new parts to offer to our customers.
  2. Good Chassis - While we knew we didn't need another track or all out race car, since we already have enough of those with the Ibiza Race Car and BMW 330D Track Car, we wanted the car to be able to handle a lot of power and torque, as well as hold its own for a quick blast on a circuit. We are even planning a trip to the 'Ring...
  3. S-Tronic / DSG Gearbox - The car will be used daily to test the longevity of the modifications, and hopefully go on a few trips to Europe, so an Automatic Gearbox is a must. A normal Auto with a Torque Converter would be fine, but they don't generally change gear fast, and you can get a lot of transmission losses with difficulty in upgrading to reduce this. So we were pushed towards the S-Tronic / DSG Gearbox, which would allow us to increase Clutch Oil Pressure for more clutch bite, and if that is not enough, Upgraded Clutch Packs are available pretty easily (although not cheap!).

So with this list, we made a shortlist of potential vehicles. The 3.0 TDI Engine narrowed it down to pretty much any Audi above an A3, such as the A4, A5, A6, A7 or A8, we even considered the Q5 or Q7 SUVs but they went against 'must have' no 2!

In these models, the gearbox options were just the 7 Speed DL501 0B5 as the 6 Speed ZF 6HP-28 0B6 and 8 Speed ZF 8HP-55 0BK both have Torque Converters instead of a DSG Clutch Pack.

From our research, the 0B5 should be good for ~1000Nm (740Lbs/Ft), with some info suggesting a Clutch Pack might be required above 800Nm (590Lbs/Ft), but there is only one way to find out!

So after weeks of scouring the classifieds, we got bored and posted on our Facebook Page and got a lot of DMs with cars for sale. The next week we had secured our new car! A 2010 Audi A5 3.0 TDI with the CCWA 240bhp (239PS) Engine and MNJ DL501 0B5 7 Speed S-Tronic Gearbox - Perfect! 
It sat in our yard standard for a few months, but now its time. We will be documenting the build progress with more YouTube Videos, accompanied by these Blog Posts.

*we know the sound quality is bad

Keep watching and subscribe to our YouTube Channel keep up to date with the build, we promise this will be a monster!!!

Full vehicle spec list and links to the products we fit throughout the build -

08 01 2019

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