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Winning Jeromes 450bhp+ TDI Drag Car Competition

Winning Jeromes 450bhp+ TDI Drag Car Competition

After a number of years helping Jerome build his pride and joy Seat Ibiza into a tyre shredding driveshaft twisting Drag car, the time had come for him to let it go and move on to his next venture. 

We discussed idea's around selling the car but quickly realised that giving the car away in a competition would be much more fun, Our agreement with Jerome was to get the best possible price to cover all his expenses for his final 2 races and then buy him another daily driving Ibiza with the rest.

On the 28th June 2018 we announced that we would be running a competition to win Jerome's 450bhp+ TDI Drag Car.

Rather than raffling the car, to abide by Lottery / Gambling rules we set a question that would require a certain element of skill or knowledge:

What type of scandal were VW recently involved in?

A: Bribery Scandal
B: Emissions Scandal
C: Sex Scandal

Each entry was £25 with a minimum of 400 entries to be submitted before a winner is chosen. 

Quite a few people never paid (Cheeky) and a couple answered incorrectly (Sorry!) and one person entered 10 times! (Ever so sorry)

As December moved ever closer the entries were nowhere near what we expected, only around the 250 mark, so we decided to lower the minimum entry to 300 and make the draw as planned. To our surprise in December alone we had almost 150 entries with a total number of entries reaching 418

The winner was drawn Monday 17th December 2018. Coincidentally the car is going back to France!

Well done to Philippe who won. He made a single entry back in July so had a long time to wait. We hope this car continues to bring as much enjoyment as it did for Jerome!

View the full vehicle spec and photos HERE


19 12 2018

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