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4H Tech Short Shifter 0A8-Shift Kit (Petrol)

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  • 4H Tech Short Shifter 0A8-Shift Kit (Petrol)
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4H Tech Short Shifter 0A8-Shift Kit (Petrol)

This short shifter kit is a drop in replacement / upgrade for the stock shifter found in all the PETROL MK4 Ibiza / Fabia / Polo platform vehicles that are equipped with the 6 Speed 0A8 (02M) Gearbox

By fitting this transmission shift linkage you will have a gear throw shortening of about 35%

Simply exchange it with the OEM shifter arm on top of the gearbox, which can be done in around 15 minutes.

  • Reduces the before and after shifter movement needed to engage gears for faster shifts
  • Powder coated for extra durability
  • 35% Shorter Gear Throw
  • Easy to install
  • This Kit Consists of the following:

    Short Shifter arm
    Gear selector control arm
    Dust Cap
    Fitting parts
    Fitting guide
    4H-TECH Sticker

    This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

    Audi (8X) A1 1.4 TSi 140Bhp/150Bhp 2010->
    Audi (8X) S1 Quattro 231bhp 2014->
    Audi (8X) A1 Quattro 256Bhp 2010->
    Seat (6J2) Ibiza 1.4 TSi 150bhp 2016->
    Seat (6J2) Ibiza 1.8 TSi Cupra 2016->
    Seat (6J) Ibiza 1.4 TSi 140bhp 2008-2016
    VW (6C) Polo 1.4 TSi 150bhp 2014->
    VW (6C) Polo 1.8 TSi (GTi) 2014->
    VW (6R) Polo 2.0 TFSi (WRC) 2014->
    VW (6R) Polo 1.4 TSi 140bhp 2009->
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