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5 Speed 02J, 02A ,02B, 02C & 02Z - .592, .622, .658 and .717 5th Gear Sets

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European Aftermarket VW 5 Speed .592, .622, .658 and .717 5th Gear Sets

Fits all VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda with the 5 Speed 02J, 02A, 02B, 02C and 02Z Gearboxes

This set consists of:

Small 5th Gear
Large 5th Gear
Thrust Washer
End Seal Gasket

These Transporter T4 Gears are a popular conversion on the TDIs to give a longer 5th Gear on the 5 Speed Gearboxes found in 1992 - 2005 model vehicles

The .592 and .622 are the Longest Gearsets but some customers prefer the smaller gap between 4th and 5th using the .658 or .717 Gearset. Please check which 5th Gear you currently have to ensure the drop from 4th to 5th is not too severe

Pulling the gears is very easy! You heat the gear using an electric heat gun to 100C and the gears slide off. If you try to pull the gear without heating you may crack the gears. Same goes for reinstalling, heat it to 100C and it will slide onto the shaft

All the .592, .622 and .658 Gears now come with a New Thrust Washer and all Gears come with a new End Seal

There is a good guide on MyTurboDiesel:

It is recommended that you change your gear oil at the same time. You need 2L of G070726A2 Oil, which we have listed here

Some vehicles with Cruise control may need the ECU reprogramming as the longer gears can prevent the Cruise from working correctly

This kit will NOT fit vehicles with a 6 Speed Transmission

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