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BMW 4 Cylinder B47 Engine Swirl Flap Delete Kit

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  • BMW 4 Cylinder B47 Engine Swirl Flap Delete Kit
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BMW 4 Cylinder B47 Engine Swirl Flap Delete Kit

This kit allows you to remove the problematic swirl flaps that are known to degrade and eventually disintegrate. This then ends up being sucked into the engine, most of the time with dire consequences.

Our kit is designed to blank the hole left in the inlet manifold after the swirl flaps have been removed. The hole will require tapping to suit the supplied bolt

  • Includes all required seals
  • This Kit Consists of the following:

    1 x Swirl Flap Delete Bolt
    4 x Inlet Seal Gaskets
    1 x EGR Valve Seal

    Series / Chassis

    F39 / F45 / F45N / F46 / F46N / F48 / F54 / F55 / F56 / F57 / F60


    218d / 218dX / 220d / 220dX / Cooper / X1 / X2



    This item will fit the following Vehicles:

    F39 B47 X2 18d SAC
    F39 B47 X2 18dX SAC
    F39 B47 X2 20d SAC
    F39 B47 X2 20dX SAC
    F39 B47 X2 25dX SAC
    F45 B47 218d Active Tourer
    F45 B47 218dX Active Tourer
    F45 B47 220d Active Tourer
    F45 B47 220dX Active Tourer
    F45N B47 218d Active Tourer
    F45N B47 218dX Active Tourer
    F45N B47 220d Active Tourer
    F46 B47 218d Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 218dX Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 220d Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 220dX Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 218d Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 218dX Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 220d Gran Tourer
    F48 B47 X1 18d SAV
    F48 B47 X1 18dX SAV
    F48 B47 X1 20d SAV
    F48 B47 X1 20dX SAV
    F48 B47 X1 25dX SAV
    F54 B47 Cooper D Clubman
    F54 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman
    F54 B47 Cooper SD Clubman
    F55 B47 Cooper SD 5 doors
    F56 B47 Cooper SD 3 doors
    F57 B47 Cooper SD Convertible
    F60 B47 Cooper D ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper D Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper SD Countryman


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