BMW Clutch Spigot / Pilot Bearing - 11211720310

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  • BMW Clutch Spigot / Pilot Bearing - 11211720310
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BMW Clutch Spigot / Pilot Bearing - 11211720310

Clutch Pilot Guide Bearing for a Range of BMW Engines

It is highly recommended that this part is also changed when installing the clutch and flywheel

Series / Chassis

CMSP / E30 / E31 / E32 / E34 / E36 / E38 / E39 / E46 / E52 / E53 / E60 / E60N / E61N / E63 / E64 / E81 / E82 / E83 / E83N / E84 / E85 / E86 / E87 / E87N / E88 / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N / E92 / E92N / E93 / E93N / Z3


116i / 118i / 120i / 316Ci / 316g / 316i / 316ti / 318Ci / 318d / 318i / 318is / 318td / 318tds / 318ti / 320Ci / 320d / 320i / 320si / 320td / 323Ci / 323i / 323ti / 325Ci / 325i / 325is / 325td / 325tds / 325ti / 325xi / 328Ci / 328i / 330Ci / 330d / 330i / 330xd / 330xi / 518g / 518i / 520d / 520i / 520Li / 523i / 525d / 525i / 525ix / 525td / 525tds / 528i / 530d / 530i / 535i / 540i / 725tds / 728i / 730i / 730iL / 735i / 740i / 840Ci / 840i / 850Ci / 850CSi / E36 / M3 / M5 / M6 / X1 / X3 / X5 / Z3 / Z4 / Z8


M40 / M41 / M42 / M43 / M44 / M47 / M47N / M50 / M51 / M52 / M54 / M56 / M57 / M60 / M62 / M70 / N40 / N42 / N43 / N45 / N45N / N46 / N46N / S50 / S52 / S54 / S62 / S65 / S70 / S85

Fitment Data

This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

CMSP S50 E36 M3 Gr.A Coupe
CMSP S50 E36 M3 Gr.N Coupe
E30 M40 316i 2 doors from 09.1990
E30 M40 316i 4 doors from 09.1990
E30 M40 316i Touring
E30 M40 318i 2 doors from 09.1990
E30 M40 318i 4 doors from 09.1990
E30 M40 318i Convertible
E30 M40 318i Touring from 09.1990
E30 M42 318i 4 doors from 09.1990
E30 M42 318i Convertible
E30 M42 318is 2 doors from 09.1990
E31 M60 840i Coupe
E31 M62 840Ci Coupe
E31 M70 850Ci Coupe
E31 S70 850CSi Coupe
E32 M60 730i Saloon
E32 M60 730iL Saloon
E34 M40 518i Saloon from 09.1990
E34 M40 518i Touring
E34 M43 518g Touring
E34 M43 518i Saloon
E34 M43 518i Touring
E34 M50 520i Saloon from 11.1990
E34 M50 520i Touring
E34 M50 525i Saloon from 09.1990
E34 M50 525i Touring
E34 M50 525ix Saloon
E34 M50 525ix Touring
E34 M51 525td Saloon
E34 M51 525td Touring
E34 M51 525tds Saloon
E34 M51 525tds Touring
E34 M60 530i Saloon
E34 M60 530i Touring
E34 M60 540i Saloon
E34 M60 540i Touring
E36 M40 316i Saloon
E36 M40 318i Saloon
E36 M41 318tds Compact
E36 M41 318tds Saloon
E36 M41 318tds Touring
E36 M42 318i Convertible
E36 M42 318i Saloon
E36 M42 318is Coupe
E36 M42 318is Saloon
E36 M42 318ti Compact
E36 M43 316g Compact
E36 M43 316i 1.6 Compact
E36 M43 316i 1.9 Compact
E36 M43 316i Coupe
E36 M43 316i Saloon
E36 M43 316i Touring
E36 M43 318i Convertible
E36 M43 318i Saloon
E36 M43 318i Touring
E36 M44 318i Convertible
E36 M44 318i Saloon
E36 M44 318is Coupe
E36 M44 318is Saloon
E36 M44 318ti Compact
E36 M50 320i Convertible
E36 M50 320i Coupe
E36 M50 320i Saloon
E36 M50 325i Convertible
E36 M50 325i Coupe
E36 M50 325i Saloon
E36 M50 325is Coupe
E36 M51 325td Saloon
E36 M51 325tds Saloon
E36 M51 325tds Touring
E36 M52 320i Convertible
E36 M52 320i Coupe
E36 M52 320i Saloon
E36 M52 320i Touring
E36 M52 323i Convertible
E36 M52 323i Coupe
E36 M52 323i Saloon
E36 M52 323i Touring
E36 M52 323ti Compact
E36 M52 328i Convertible
E36 M52 328i Coupe
E36 M52 328i Saloon
E36 M52 328i Touring
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Convertible
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Coupe
E36 S50 M3 3.2 Saloon
E36 S50 M3 Convertible
E36 S50 M3 Coupe
E36 S50 M3 Saloon
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Convertible
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Coupe
E36 S52 M3 3.2 Saloon
E38 M51 725tds Saloon
E38 M52 728i Saloon
E38 M60 730i Saloon
E38 M60 730iL Saloon
E38 M60 740i Saloon
E38 M62 735i Saloon
E38 M62 740i Saloon
E39 M47 520d Saloon
E39 M47 520d Touring
E39 M51 525td Saloon
E39 M51 525tds Saloon
E39 M51 525tds Touring
E39 M52 520i Saloon
E39 M52 520i Touring
E39 M52 523i Saloon
E39 M52 523i Touring
E39 M52 528i Saloon
E39 M52 528i Touring
E39 M54 520i Saloon
E39 M54 520i Touring
E39 M54 525i Saloon
E39 M54 525i Touring
E39 M54 530i Saloon
E39 M54 530i Touring
E39 M57 525d Saloon
E39 M57 525d Touring
E39 M57 530d Saloon
E39 M57 530d Touring
E39 M62 535i Saloon
E39 M62 540i Saloon
E39 M62 540i Touring
E39 S62 M5 Saloon
E46 M43 316Ci Coupe
E46 M43 316i 1.6 Saloon
E46 M43 316i 1.9 Saloon
E46 M43 318Ci Coupe
E46 M43 318i Saloon
E46 M43 318i Touring
E46 M47 318d Saloon
E46 M47 318d Touring
E46 M47 320d Saloon
E46 M47 320d Touring
E46 M47N 318d Saloon
E46 M47N 318d Touring
E46 M47N 318td Compact
E46 M47N 320d Saloon till 03.2003
E46 M47N 320d Touring till 03.2003
E46 M47N 320td Compact till 03.2003
E46 M52 320Ci Coupe
E46 M52 320i Saloon
E46 M52 320i Touring
E46 M52 323Ci Convertible
E46 M52 323Ci Coupe
E46 M52 323i Saloon
E46 M52 323i Touring
E46 M52 328Ci Coupe
E46 M52 328i Saloon
E46 M52 328i Touring
E46 M54 320Ci Convertible
E46 M54 320Ci Coupe
E46 M54 320i Saloon
E46 M54 320i Touring
E46 M54 325Ci Convertible
E46 M54 325Ci Convertible from 03 .2003
E46 M54 325Ci Coupe
E46 M54 325Ci Coupe from 03.2003
E46 M54 325i Saloon from 03.2003
E46 M54 325i Saloon till 03.2003
E46 M54 325i Touring from 03.2003
E46 M54 325i Touring till 03.2003
E46 M54 325ti Compact till 03.2003
E46 M54 325xi Saloon
E46 M54 325xi Touring
E46 M54 330Ci Convertible till 03.2003
E46 M54 330Ci Coupe till 03.2003
E46 M54 330i Saloon till 03.2003
E46 M54 330i Touring till 03.2003
E46 M54 330xi Saloon till 03.2003
E46 M54 330xi Touring till 03.2003
E46 M56 325Ci Coupe
E46 M56 325i Saloon
E46 M56 325i Touring
E46 M57 330d Saloon
E46 M57 330d Touring
E46 M57 330xd Saloon
E46 M57 330xd Touring
E46 N40 316Ci Coupe
E46 N40 316i Saloon
E46 N40 316ti Compact
E46 N42 316i Saloon
E46 N42 316i Touring
E46 N42 316ti Compact
E46 N42 318Ci Convertible
E46 N42 318Ci Coupe
E46 N42 318i Saloon
E46 N42 318i Touring
E46 N42 318ti Compact
E46 N45 316Ci Coupe
E46 N45 316i Saloon
E46 N45 316ti Compact
E46 N46 316i Saloon
E46 N46 316i Touring
E46 N46 316ti Compact
E46 N46 318Ci Convertible
E46 N46 318Ci Coupe
E46 N46 318i Saloon
E46 N46 318i Touring
E46 N46 318ti Compact
E46 S54 M3 Convertible
E46 S54 M3 Coupe
E46 S54 M3 CSL Coupe
E52 S62 Z8 Roadster
E53 M54 X5 3.0i SAV till 10.2003
E53 M57 X5 3.0d SAV
E60 S85 M5 Saloon
E60N N43 520i Saloon
E60N N46N 520i Saloon
E60N N46N 520Li Saloon
E61N N43 520i Touring
E61N S85 M5 Touring
E63 S85 M6 Coupe
E64 S85 M6 Convertible
E81 N43 116i 1.6 3 doors
E81 N43 116i 2.0 3 doors
E81 N43 118i 3 doors
E81 N43 120i 3 doors
E81 N45N 116i 1.6 3 doors
E81 N46N 118i 3 doors
E81 N46N 120i 3 doors
E82 N43 120i Coupe
E82 N46N 120i Coupe
E83 N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E83N N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E84 N46N X1 18i SAV
E85 N46 Z4 2.0i Roadster
E85 S54 Z4 M3.2 Roadster
E86 S54 Z4 M3.2 Coupe
E87 N45 116i 5 doors
E87 N46 118i 5 doors
E87 N46 120i 5 doors from 09.2005
E87N N43 116i 1.6 5 doors
E87N N43 116i 2.0 5 doors
E87N N43 118i 5 doors
E87N N43 120i 5 doors
E87N N45N 116i 1.6 5 doors
E87N N46N 118i 5 doors
E87N N46N 120i 5 doors
E88 N43 118i Convertible
E88 N43 120i Convertible
E88 N46N 118i Convertible
E88 N46N 120i Convertible
E90 N43 316i Saloon
E90 N43 318i Saloon
E90 N43 320i Saloon
E90 N45 316i Saloon
E90 N45 320si Saloon
E90 N45N 316i Saloon
E90 N46 318i Saloon
E90 N46 320i Saloon
E90 N46N 318i Saloon
E90 N46N 320i Saloon
E90 S65 M3 Saloon
E90N N43 316i Saloon
E90N N43 318i Saloon
E90N N43 320i Saloon
E90N N45N 316i Saloon
E90N N46N 318i Saloon
E90N N46N 320i Saloon
E90N S65 M3 Saloon
E91 N43 318i Touring
E91 N43 320i Touring
E91 N46 318i Touring
E91 N46 320i Touring
E91 N46N 318i Touring
E91 N46N 320i Touring
E91N N43 316i Touring
E91N N43 318i Touring
E91N N43 320i Touring
E91N N46N 318i Touring
E91N N46N 320i Touring
E92 N43 316i Coupe
E92 N43 320i Coupe
E92 N46N 320i Coupe
E92 S65 M3 Coupe
E92N N43 316i Coupe
E92N N43 318i Coupe
E92N N43 320i Coupe
E92N N46N 320i Coupe
E92N S65 M3 Coupe
E93 N43 320i Convertible
E93 N46N 320i Convertible
E93 S65 M3 Convertible
E93N N43 318i Convertible
E93N N43 320i Convertible
E93N N46N 320i Convertible
E93N S65 M3 Convertible
Z3 M43 1.8 Roadster
Z3 M43 1.9 Roadster
Z3 M44 1.9 Roadster
Z3 M52 2.0 Roadster
Z3 M52 2.5 Roadster
Z3 M52 2.8 Coupe
Z3 M52 2.8 Roadster
Z3 M54 2.2i Roadster
Z3 M54 2.5i Roadster
Z3 M54 3.0i Coupe
Z3 M54 3.0i Roadster
Z3 S50 M3.2 Coupe
Z3 S50 M3.2 Roadster
Z3 S52 M3.2 Coupe
Z3 S52 M3.2 Roadster
Z3 S54 M3.2 Coupe
Z3 S54 M3.2 Roadster

BMW Part Numbers:

11 21 1 720 310 - 11211720310 - 1 720 310 - 1720310

Other Part Numbers:

SACHS - 1863 869 036 - 1863869036
SWAG - 20 92 1298 - 20921298

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