BMW Head Stud Kit for B47 / B47B / B47D / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1 Engines

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  • BMW Head Stud Kit for B47 / B47B / B47D / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1 Engines
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BMW Head Stud Kit for B47 / B47B / B47D / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1 Engines

Custom Made Cylinder Head Stud and Nut Kit for BMW B47 / B47B / B47D / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1 Engines

  • These studs exceed 160,000psi yield
  • These are a upgrade to prevent head lift in high boost applications
  • This Kit Consists of the following:

    10 x Custom Studs
    10 x ARP Nuts
    10 x ARP Washers
    ARP Installation Grease

    Series / Chassis

    E60N / E61N / E81 / E82 / E83N / E84 / E87N / E88 / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N / E92 / E92N / E93 / E93N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F15 / F20 / F20N / F21 / F21N / F22 / F22N / F23 / F23N / F25 / F26 / F30 / F30N / F31 / F31N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F33N / F34 / F34N / F36 / F36N / F39 / F45 / F45N / F46 / F46N / F48 / F54 / F55 / F56 / F57 / F60 / G01 / G02 / G11 / G12 / G30 / G31 / G32 / R55N / R56N / R57N / R58 / R59 / R60 / R61


    114d / 116d / 118d / 118dX / 120d / 120dX / 123d / 125d / 218d / 218dX / 220d / 220dX / 225d / 316d / 318d / 318dX / 320d / 320dX / 320xd / 325d / 328d / 328dX / 418d / 420d / 420dX / 425d / 518d / 520d / 520dX / 525d / 525dX / 620d / 620dX / 725d / 725Ld / Cooper / One / X1 / X2 / X3 / X4 / X5


    B47 / B47B / B47D / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1

    Fitment Data

    This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

    E60N N47 520d Saloon
    E61N N47 520d Touring
    E81 N47 116d 3 doors
    E81 N47 118d 3 doors
    E81 N47 120d 3 doors
    E81 N47S 123d 3 doors
    E82 N47 118d Coupe
    E82 N47 120d Coupe
    E82 N47S 123d Coupe
    E83N N47 X3 1.8d SAV
    E83N N47 X3 2.0d SAV
    E84 N47 X1 18d SAV
    E84 N47 X1 18dX SAV
    E84 N47 X1 20d SAV
    E84 N47 X1 20dX SAV
    E84 N47N X1 16d SAV
    E84 N47N X1 18d SAV
    E84 N47N X1 18dX SAV
    E84 N47N X1 20d ed SAV
    E84 N47N X1 20d SAV
    E84 N47N X1 20dX SAV
    E84 N47S X1 23dX SAV
    E84 N47S1 X1 25dX SAV
    E87N N47 116d 5 doors
    E87N N47 118d 5 doors
    E87N N47 120d 5 doors
    E87N N47S 123d 5 doors
    E88 N47 118d Convertible
    E88 N47 120d Convertible
    E88 N47S 123d Convertible
    E90 N47 318d Saloon
    E90 N47 320d Saloon
    E90N N47 316d Saloon
    E90N N47 318d Saloon
    E90N N47 320d Saloon
    E90N N47 320xd Saloon
    E90N N47N 316d Saloon
    E90N N47N 318d Saloon
    E90N N47N 320d ed Saloon
    E90N N47N 320d Saloon
    E90N N47N 320xd Saloon
    E91 N47 318d Touring
    E91 N47 320d Touring
    E91N N47 318d Touring
    E91N N47 320d Touring
    E91N N47 320xd Touring
    E91N N47N 316d Touring
    E91N N47N 318d Touring
    E91N N47N 320d ed Touring
    E91N N47N 320d Touring
    E91N N47N 320xd Touring
    E92 N47 320d Coupe
    E92 N47 320xd Coupe
    E92N N47N 320d Coupe
    E92N N47N 320xd Coupe
    E93 N47 320d Convertible
    E93N N47N 320d Convertible
    F07 N47N 520d Gran Turismo
    F07N N47N 520d Gran Turismo
    F10 N47N 520d ed Saloon
    F10 N47N 520d Saloon
    F10 N47S1 525d Saloon
    F10 N47S1 525dX Saloon
    F10N B47 518d Saloon
    F10N B47 520d Saloon
    F10N B47 520dX Saloon
    F10N N47N 518d Saloon
    F10N N47N 520d Saloon
    F10N N47N 520dX Saloon
    F10N N47S1 525d Saloon
    F10N N47S1 525dX Saloon
    F11 N47N 520d Touring
    F11 N47S1 525d Touring
    F11 N47S1 525dX Touring
    F11N B47 518d Touring
    F11N B47 520d Touring
    F11N B47 520dX Touring
    F11N N47N 518d Touring
    F11N N47N 520d Touring
    F11N N47N 520dX To uring
    F11N N47S1 525d Touring
    F11N N47S1 525dX Touring
    F15 B47 X5 25d SAV
    F15 B47 X5 25dX SAV
    F15 N47S1 X5 25d SAV
    F15 N47S1 X5 25dX SAV
    F20 N47N 114d 5 doors
    F20 N47N 116d 5 doors
    F20 N47N 116d ed 5 doors
    F20 N47N 118d 5 doors
    F20 N47N 118dX 5 doors
    F20 N47N 120d 5 doors
    F20 N47N 120dX 5 doors
    F20 N47S1 125d 5 doors
    F20N B47 118d 5 doors
    F20N B47 118dX 5 doors
    F20N B47 120d 5 doors
    F20N B47 120dX 5 doors
    F20N B47 125d 5 doors
    F20N N47N 114d 5 doors
    F21 N47N 114d 3 doors
    F21 N47N 116d 3 doors
    F21 N47N 116d ed 3 doors
    F21 N47N 118d 3 doors
    F21 N47N 118dX 3 doors
    F21 N47N 120d 3 doors
    F21 N47N 120dX 3 doors
    F21 N47S1 125d 3 doors
    F21N B47 118d 3 doors
    F21N B47 118dX 3 doors
    F21N B47 120d 3 doors
    F21N B47 120dX 3 doors
    F21N B47 125d 3 doors
    F21N N47N 114d 3 doors
    F22 B47 218d Coupe
    F22 B47 220d Coupe
    F22 B47 220dX Coupe
    F22 B47 225d Coupe
    F22 N47N 218d Coupe
    F22 N47N 220d Coupe
    F22 N47S1 225d Coupe
    F22N B47 218d Coupe
    F22N B47 220d Coupe
    F22N B47 220dX Coupe
    F22N B47 225d Coupe
    F23 B47 218d Convertible
    F23 B47 220d Convertible
    F23 B47 225d Convertible
    F23N B47 218d Convertible
    F23N B47 220d Convertible
    F23N B47 225d Convertible
    F25 B47 X3 18d SAV
    F25 B47 X3 20dX SAV
    F25 N47N X3 18d SAV
    F25 N47N X3 20dX SAV
    F25 N47N X3 28dX SAV
    F26 B47 X4 20dX SAC
    F30 B47 316d Saloon
    F30 N47N 316d Saloon
    F30 N47N 318d Saloon
    F30 N47N 318dX Saloon
    F30 N47N 320d ed Saloon
    F30 N47N 320d Saloon
    F30 N47N 320dX Saloon
    F30 N47N 328d Saloon
    F30 N47N 328dX Saloon
    F30 N47S1 325d Saloon
    F30N B47 316d Saloon
    F30N B47 318d Saloon
    F30N B47 318dX Saloon
    F30N B47 320d ed Saloon
    F30N B47 320d Saloon
    F30N B47 320dX Saloon
    F30N B47 325d Saloon
    F30N N47N 320d Saloon
    F30N N47N 328d Saloon
    F30N N47N 328dX Saloon
    F30N N47S1 325d Saloon
    F31 B47 316d Touring
    F31 N47N 316d Tou ring
    F31 N47N 318d Touring
    F31 N47N 318dX Touring
    F31 N47N 320d ed Touring
    F31 N47N 320d Touring
    F31 N47N 320dX Touring
    F31 N47N 328dX Touring
    F31 N47S1 325d Touring
    F31N B47 316d Touring
    F31N B47 318d Touring
    F31N B47 318dX Touring
    F31N B47 320d ed Touring
    F31N B47 320d Touring
    F31N B47 320dX Touring
    F31N B47 325d Touring
    F31N N47N 320d Touring
    F31N N47N 328dX Touring
    F31N N47S1 325d Touring
    F32 B47 418d Coupe
    F32 B47 420d Coupe
    F32 B47 420dX Coupe
    F32 B47 425d Coupe
    F32 N47N 420d Coupe
    F32 N47N 420dX Coupe
    F32 N47S1 425d Coupe
    F32N B47 418d Coupe
    F32N B47 420d Coupe
    F32N B47 420dX Coupe
    F32N B47 425d Coupe
    F33 B47 420d Convertible
    F33 B47 425d Convertible
    F33 N47N 420d Convertible
    F33 N47S1 425d Convertible
    F33N B47 420d Convertible
    F33N B47 425d Convertible
    F34 B47 318d Gran Turismo
    F34 B47 320d Gran Turismo
    F34 B47 320dX Gran Turismo
    F34 N47N 318d Gran Turismo
    F34 N47N 320d Gran Turismo
    F34 N47N 320dX Gran Turismo
    F34 N47S1 325d Gran Turismo
    F34N B47 318d Gran Turismo
    F34N B47 320d Gran Turismo
    F34N B47 320dX Gran Turismo
    F34N B47 325d Gran Turismo
    F36 B47 418d Gran Coupe
    F36 B47 420d Gran Coupe
    F36 B47 420dX Gran Coupe
    F36 B47 425d Gran Coupe
    F36 N47N 418d Gran Coupe
    F36 N47N 420d Gran Coupe
    F36 N47N 420dX Gran Coupe
    F36N B47 418d Gran Coupe
    F36N B47 420d Gran Coupe
    F36N B47 420dX Gran Coupe
    F36N B47 425d Gran Coupe
    F39 B47 X2 18d SAC
    F39 B47 X2 20dX SAC
    F39 B47 X2 25dX SAC
    F39 B47B X2 18d SAC
    F39 B47B X2 18dX SAC
    F39 B47D X2 20dX SAC
    F45 B47 218d Active Tourer
    F45 B47 218dX Active Tourer
    F45 B47 220d Active Tourer
    F45 B47 220dX Active Tourer
    F45N B47 218d Active Tourer
    F45N B47 218dX Active Tourer
    F45N B47 220d Active Tourer
    F45N B47B 218d Active Tourer
    F45N B47B 218dX Active Tourer
    F45N B47D 220d Active Tourer
    F45N B47D 220dX Active Tourer
    F 46 B47 218d Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 218dX Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 220d Gran Tourer
    F46 B47 220dX Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 218d Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 218dX Gran Tourer
    F46N B47 220d Gran Tourer
    F46N B47B 218d Gran Tourer
    F46N B47B 218dX Gran Tourer
    F46N B47D 220d Gran Tourer
    F46N B47D 220dX Gran Tourer
    F48 B47 X1 18d SAV
    F48 B47 X1 18dX SAV
    F48 B47 X1 20d SAV
    F48 B47 X1 20dX SAV
    F48 B47 X1 25dX SAV
    F48 B47B X1 18d SAV
    F48 B47B X1 18dX SAV
    F48 B47D X1 20d SAV
    F48 B47D X1 20dX SAV
    F54 B47 Cooper D Clubman
    F54 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman
    F54 B47 Cooper SD Clubman
    F54 B47B Cooper D Clubman
    F54 B47D Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman
    F54 B47D Cooper SD Clubman
    F55 B47 Cooper SD 5 doors
    F55 B47D Cooper SD 5 doors
    F56 B47 Cooper SD 3 doors
    F56 B47D Cooper SD 3 doors
    F57 B47 Cooper SD Convertible
    F57 B47D Cooper SD Convertible
    F60 B47 Cooper D ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper D Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47 Cooper SD Countryman
    F60 B47B Cooper D ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47B Cooper D Countryman
    F60 B47D Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman
    F60 B47D Cooper SD Countryman
    G01 B47 X3 18d SAV
    G01 B47 X3 20dX SAV
    G01 B47 X3 25dX SAV
    G02 B47 X4 20dX SAC
    G02 B47 X4 25dX SAC
    G11 B47 725d Saloon
    G12 B47 725Ld Saloon
    G30 B47 520d ed Saloon
    G30 B47 520d Saloon
    G30 B47 520dX Saloon
    G30 B47 525d Saloon
    G30 B47B 518d Saloon
    G30 B47D 520d Saloon
    G30 B47D 520dX Saloon
    G31 B47 520d Touring
    G31 B47 520dX Touring
    G31 B47 525d Touring
    G31 B47B 518d Touring
    G31 B47D 520d Touring
    G31 B47D 520dX Touring
    G32 B47D 620d Gran Turismo
    G32 B47D 620dX Gran Turismo
    R55N N47N Cooper D 1.6 Clubman
    R55N N47N Cooper D 2.0 Clubman
    R55N N47N Cooper SD Clubman
    R55N N47N One D Clubman
    R56N N47N Cooper D 1.6 3 doors
    R56N N47N Cooper D 2.0 3 doors
    R56N N47N Cooper SD 3 doors
    R56N N47N One D 3 doors
    R57N N47N Cooper D 1.6 Convertib le
    R57N N47N Cooper D 2.0 Convertible
    R57N N47N Cooper SD Convertible
    R58 N47N Cooper SD Coupe
    R59 N47N Cooper SD Roadster
    R60 N47N Cooper D 1.6 Countryman
    R60 N47N Cooper D 2.0 Countryman
    R60 N47N Cooper D ALL4 1.6 Countryman
    R60 N47N Cooper D ALL4 2.0 Countryman
    R60 N47N Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman
    R60 N47N Cooper SD Countryman
    R60 N47N One D Countryman
    R61 N47N Cooper D 1.6 Paceman
    R61 N47N Cooper D 2.0 Paceman
    R61 N47N Cooper D ALL4 1.6 Paceman
    R61 N47N Cooper D ALL4 2.0 Paceman
    R61 N47N Cooper SD ALL4 Paceman
    R61 N47N Cooper SD Paceman

    Replaces BMW Part Numbers

    11 12 8 513 128 - 11128513128 - 8 513 128 - 8513128
    11 12 7 807 294 - 11127807294 - 7 807 294 - 7807294

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