BMW N55 Valve Cover / Rocker Cover - 11127570292

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  • BMW N55 Valve Cover / Rocker Cover - 11127570292
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BMW N55 Valve Cover / Rocker Cover - 11127570292

Stock Replacement Plastic Valve Cover / Rocker Cover for BMW Vehicles fitted with the N55 Petrol Engines

The Plastic Valve Covers found on the N55 Engines are known to crack over time causing oil leaks.

  • OE Quality Parts
  • Series / Chassis

    E70N / E71 / E82 / E84 / E88 / E90N / E91N / E92N / E93N / F01N / F02N / F06 / F06N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F12 / F12N / F13 / F13N / F15 / F16 / F18 / F18N / F20 / F20N / F21 / F21N / F22 / F23 / F25 / F26 / F30 / F31 / F32 / F33 / F34 / F35 / F35N / F36 / F87 / F87N / MOSP


    135i / 335i / 335iX / 335Li / 335xi / 435i / 435iX / 535i / 535iX / 535Li / 640i / 640iX / 740i / 740Li / 740LiX / Hybrid / M135i / M135iX / M2 / M235i / M235iX / X1 / X3 / X4 / X5 / X6



    Fitment Data

    This item will fit the following Vehicles:

    E70N N55 X5 35iX SAV
    E70N N55 X5 40iX SAV
    E71 N55 X6 35iX SAC
    E71 N55 X6 40iX SAC
    E82 N55 135i Coupe
    E84 N55 X1 35iX SAV
    E88 N55 135i Convertible
    E90N N55 335i Saloon
    E90N N55 335xi Saloon
    E91N N55 335i Touring
    E91N N55 335xi Touring
    E92N N55 335i Coupe
    E92N N55 335xi Coupe
    E93N N55 335i Convertible
    F01N N55 740i Saloon
    F01N N55 Hybrid 7 Saloon
    F02N N55 740Li Saloon
    F02N N55 740LiX Saloon
    F02N N55 Hybrid 7L Saloon
    F06 N55 640i Gran Coupe
    F06 N55 640iX Gran Coupe
    F06N N55 640i Gran Coupe
    F06N N55 640iX Gran Coupe
    F07 N55 535i Gran Turismo
    F07 N55 535iX Gran Turismo
    F07N N55 535i Gran Turismo
    F07N N55 535iX Gran Turismo
    F10 N55 535i Saloon
    F10 N55 535iX Saloon
    F10 N55 Hybrid 5 Saloon
    F10N N55 535i Saloon
    F10N N55 535iX Saloon
    F10N N55 Hybrid 5 Saloon
    F11 N55 535i Touring
    F11 N55 535iX Touring
    F11N N55 535i Touring
    F11N N55 535iX Touring
    F12 N55 640i Convertible
    F12 N55 640iX Convertible
    F12N N55 640i Convertible
    F12N N55 640iX Convertible
    F13 N55 640i Coupe
    F13 N55 640iX Coupe
    F13N N55 640i Coupe
    F13N N55 640iX Coupe
    F15 N55 X5 35i SAV
    F15 N55 X5 35iX SAV
    F16 N55 X6 35i SAC
    F16 N55 X6 35iX SAC
    F18 N55 535Li Saloon
    F18N N55 535Li Saloon
    F20 N55 M135i 5 doors
    F20 N55 M135iX 5 doors
    F20N N55 M135i 5 doors
    F20N N55 M135iX 5 doors
    F21 N55 M135i 3 doors
    F21 N55 M135iX 3 doors
    F21N N55 M135i 3 doors
    F21N N55 M135iX 3 doors
    F22 N55 M235i Coupe
    F22 N55 M235iX Coupe
    F23 N55 M235i Convertible
    F23 N55 M235iX Convertible
    F25 N55 X3 35iX SAV
    F26 N55 X4 35iX SAC
    F26 N55 X4 M40iX SAC
    F30 N55 335i Saloon
    F30 N55 335iX Saloon
    F30 N55 Hybrid 3 Saloon
    F31 N55 335i Touring
    F31 N55 335iX Touring
    F32 N55 435i Coupe
    F32 N55 435iX Coupe
    F33 N55 435i Convertible
    F33 N55 435iX Convertible
    F34 N55 335i Gran Turismo
    F34 N55 335iX Gran Turismo
    F35 N55 335Li Saloon
    F35N N55 335Li Saloon
    F36 N55 435i Gran Coupe
    F36 N55 435iX Gran Coupe
    F87 N55 M2 Coupe
    F87N N55 M2 Coupe
    MOSP N55 M235i Racing Coupe

    Replaces BMW Part Number:

    11 12 7 570 292 - 11127570292 - 7 570 292 - 7570292

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