BMW Solenoid Injector for B47 / B47C20A 2.0 Diesel Engines

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  • BMW Solenoid Injector for B47 / B47C20A 2.0 Diesel Engines
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BMW Solenoid Injector for B47 / B47C20A 2.0 Diesel Engines

Standard replacement Bosch Solenoid Injector for BMW B47 2.0 Diesel Engines

This listing is for 1x Injector, please change the quantity accordingly

Direct standard replacement injector for the vehicles and part numbers listed below

We have the following Injector Options available:

New - These Injectors are Brand New Bosch Units
Used Tested - Although these are used injectors they have been fully tested and are in good working order
Used - These are Used Units removed from running engines, however, they have not been tested. These are purchased at the buyers own risk.

This Listing is for:

1x Solenoid Injector (New / Tested / Used)

Series / Chassis:

F10N / F11N / F20N / F21N / F22 / F22N / F23 / F23N / F25 / F26 / F30N / F31N / F32 / F32N / F33 / F33N / F34 / F34N / F36 / F36N / F39 / F45 / F45N / F46 / F46N / F48 / F48N / F54 / F55 / F56 / F57 / F60 / G01 / G02 / G30 / G31


120d / 120dX / 218d / 218dX / 220d / 220dX / 318d / 320d / 320dX / 418d / 420d / 420dX / 518d / 520d / 520dX / Cooper / X1 / X2 / X3 / X4



Fitment Data

This item will fit the following Vehicles:

F10N B47 518d Saloon
F10N B47 520d Saloon
F10N B47 520dX Saloon
F11N B47 518d Touring
F11N B47 520d Touring
F11N B47 520dX Touring
F20N B47 120d 5 doors
F20N B47 120dX 5 doors
F21N B47 120d 3 doors
F21N B47 120dX 3 doors
F22 B47 220d Coupe
F22 B47 220dX Coupe
F22N B47 218d Coupe
F22N B47 220d Coupe
F22N B47 220dX Coupe
F23 B47 220d Convertible
F23N B47 218d Convertible
F23N B47 220d Convertible
F25 B47 X3 18d SAV
F25 B47 X3 20dX SAV
F26 B47 X4 20dX SAC
F30N B47 320d ed Saloon
F30N B47 320d Saloon
F30N B47 320dX Saloon
F31N B47 320d ed Touring
F31N B47 320d Touring
F31N B47 320dX Touring
F32 B47 420d Coupe
F32 B47 420dX Coupe
F32N B47 420d Coupe
F32N B47 420dX Coupe
F33 B47 420d Convertible
F33N B47 420d Convertible
F34 B47 320d Gran Turismo
F34 B47 320dX Gran Turismo
F34N B47 318d Gran Turismo
F34N B47 320d Gran Turismo
F34N B47 320dX Gran Turismo
F36 B47 420d Gran Coupe
F36 B47 420dX Gran Coupe
F36N B47 418d Gran Coupe
F36N B47 420d Gran Coupe
F36N B47 420dX Gran Coupe
F39 B47 X2 18dX SAC
F39 B47 X2 20d SAC
F39 B47 X2 20dX SAC
F45 B47 220d Active Tourer
F45 B47 220dX Active Tourer
F45N B47 218d Active Tourer
F45N B47 218dX Active Tourer
F45N B47 220d Active Tourer
F46 B47 220d Gran Tourer
F46 B47 220dX Gran Tourer
F46N B47 220d Gran Tourer
F48 B47 X1 20d SAV
F48 B47 X1 20dX SAV
F48N B47 X1 20d SAV
F48N B47 X1 20dX SAV
F54 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Clubman
F54 B47 Cooper SD Clubman
F55 B47 Cooper SD 5 doors
F56 B47 Cooper SD 3 doors
F57 B47 Cooper SD Convertible
F60 B47 Cooper SD ALL4 Countryman
F60 B47 Cooper SD Countryman
G01 B47 X3 18d (TX11) SAV
G01 B47 X3 18d (TX12) SAV
G01 B47 X3 18d (TX15) SAV
G01 B47 X3 18d (TX16) SAV
G01 B47 X3 20dX (TX31) SAV
G01 B47 X3 20dX (TX32) SAV
G01 B47 X3 20dX (TX35) SAV
G01 B47 X3 20dX (TX36) SAV
G01 B47 X3 20dX SAV
G02 B47 X4 20dX SAC
G30 B47 520d ed Saloon
G30 B47 520d Saloon
G30 B47 520dX Saloon
G31 B47 520d Touring
G31 B47 520dX Touring

Replaces Genuine BMW Injector Part Numbers:

13 53 8 514 148 - 13538514148 - 8 514 148 - 8514148
13 53 8 514 149 - 13538514149 - 8 514 149 - 8514149

Bosch Injector Part Numbers:

0445 110 570 - 0445110570
0445 110 712 - 0445110712
0445 110 743 - 0445110743
0986 435 261 - 0986435261
0986 435 269 - 0986435269

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