Carbon / Cabin Filter for BMW F & R 5 Series & 6 Series Models

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  • Carbon / Cabin Filter for BMW F & R 5 Series & 6 Series Models
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Carbon / Cabin Filter for BMW F & R 5 Series & 6 Series Models

OE Quality Replacement Cabin Filter for BMW Vehicles Listed Below Covering the Stated BMW Part Numbers

The carbon filter (also known as the cabin filter) extracts and neutralises odours, vapours and smoke before they make their way into your car. They also prevent dust, pollen, dirt and other pollutants from entering your car through your A/C and heat vents

If not changed regular, you may experience unusual odor from the vehicles air vents, poor airflow from the vents and in some cases problems / faults with the air heating and cooling system





Series / Chassis

F01 / F01N / F02 / F02N / F03 / F03N / F04 / F06 / F06N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F12 / F12N / F13 / F13N / F18 / F18N / RR4 / RR5 / RR6


518d / 520d / 520dX / 520i / 520Li / 523i / 523Li / 525d / 525dX / 525Li / 528i / 528iX / 528Li / 528LiX / 530d / 530dX / 530i / 530Le / 530Li / 535d / 535dX / 535i / 535iX / 535Li / 550i / 550iX / 640d / 640dX


B47 / N20 / N47N / N47S1 / N52N / N53 / N54 / N55 / N57 / N57N / N57S / N57X / N57Z / N63 / N63N / N74 / N74R / S63N

Fitment Data

This item will fit the following Vehicles:

F01 N52N 730i Saloon
F01 N54 740i Saloon
F01 N57 730d Saloon
F01 N57S 740d Saloon
F01 N57S 740dX Saloon
F01 N63 750i Saloon
F01 N63 750iX Saloon
F01 N63 ALPINA B7 Saloon
F01 N63 ALPINA B7X Saloon
F01 N74 760i Saloon
F01N N52N 730i Saloon
F01N N55 740i Saloon
F01N N55 Hybrid 7 Saloon
F01N N57N 730d Saloon
F01N N57N 730dX Saloon
F01N N57X 750dX Saloon
F01N N57Z 740d Saloon
F01N N57Z 740dX Saloon
F01N N63N 750i Saloon
F01N N63N 750iX Saloon
F01N N63N ALPINA B7 Saloon
F01N N63N ALPINA B7X Saloon
F01N N74 760i Saloon
F02 N52N 730Li Saloon
F02 N54 740Li Saloon
F02 N57 730Ld Saloon
F02 N63 750Li Saloon
F02 N63 750LiX Saloon
F02 N63 ALPINA B7L Saloon
F02 N63 ALPINA B7LX Saloon
F02 N74 760Li Saloon
F02N N52N 730Li Saloon
F02N N55 740Li Saloon
F02N N55 740LiX Saloon
F02N N55 Hybrid 7L Saloon
F02N N57N 730Ld Saloon
F02N N57N 740LdX Saloon
F02N N57X 750LdX Saloon
F02N N63N 750Li Saloon
F02N N63N 750LiX 4.0 Saloon
F02N N63N 750LiX 4.4 Saloon
F02N N63N 750LiX Saloon
F02N N63N ALPINA B7L Saloon
F02N N63N ALPINA B7LX Saloon
F02N N74 760Li Saloon
F03 N63 750LiS Saloon
F03 N74 760LiS Saloon
F03N N63 750LiS Saloon
F03N N74 760LiS Saloon
F04 N63 Hybrid 7 Saloon
F04 N63 Hybrid 7L Saloon
F06 N55 640i Gran Coupe
F06 N55 640iX Gran Coupe
F06 N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
F06 N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
F06 N63N 650i Gran Coupe
F06 N63N 650iX 4.0 Gran Coupe
F06 N63N 650iX 4.4 Gran Coupe
F06 N63N 650iX Gran Coupe
F06 N63N ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe
F06 S63N M6 Gran Coupe
F06N N55 640i Gran Coupe
F06N N55 640iX Gran Coupe
F06N N57Z 640d Gran Coupe
F06N N57Z 640dX Gran Coupe
F06N N63N 650i Gran Coupe
F06N N63N 650iX 4.0 Gran Coupe
F06N N63N 650iX 4.4 Gran Coupe
F06N N63N 650iX Gran Coupe
F06N N63N ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe
F06N S63N M6 Gran Coupe
F07 N47N 520d Gran Turismo
F07 N55 535i Gran Turismo
F07 N 55 535iX Gran Turismo
F07 N57 530d 155kW Gran Turismo
F07 N57 530d Gran Turismo
F07 N57 530dX Gran Turismo
F07 N57N 530d Gran Turismo
F07 N57N 530dX Gran Turismo
F07 N57S 535d Gran Turismo
F07 N57S 535dX Gran Turismo
F07 N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
F07 N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
F07 N63 550i Gran Turismo
F07 N63 550iX Gran Turismo
F07 N63N 550i Gran Turismo
F07 N63N 550iX 4.0 Gran Turismo
F07 N63N 550iX 4.4 Gran Turismo
F07 N63N 550iX Gran Turismo
F07N N20 528i Gran Turismo
F07N N47N 520d Gran Turismo
F07N N55 535i Gran Turismo
F07N N55 535iX Gran Turismo
F07N N57N 530d Gran Turismo
F07N N57N 530dX Gran Turismo
F07N N57Z 535d Gran Turismo
F07N N57Z 535dX Gran Turismo
F07N N63N 550i Gran Turismo
F07N N63N 550iX 4.0 Gran Turismo
F07N N63N 550iX 4.4 Gran Turismo
F07N N63N 550iX Gran Turismo
F10 N20 520i Saloon
F10 N20 528i Saloon
F10 N20 528iX Saloon
F10 N47N 520d ed Saloon
F10 N47N 520d Saloon
F10 N47S1 525d Saloon
F10 N47S1 525dX Saloon
F10 N52N 523i Saloon
F10 N52N 528i Saloon
F10 N52N 530i Saloon
F10 N53 523i Saloon
F10 N53 528i Saloon
F10 N53 530i Saloon
F10 N55 535i Saloon
F10 N55 535iX Saloon
F10 N55 Hybrid 5 Saloon
F10 N57 525d Saloon
F10 N57 530d Saloon
F10 N57N 530d Saloon
F10 N57N 530dX Saloon
F10 N57S 535d Saloon
F10 N57X M550dX Saloon
F10 N57Z 535d Saloon
F10 N57Z 535dX Saloon
F10 N63 550i Saloon
F10 N63 550iX Saloon
F10 S63N M5 Saloon
F10N B47 518d Saloon
F10N B47 520d Saloon
F10N B47 520dX Saloon
F10N N20 520i Saloon
F10N N20 528i Saloon
F10N N20 528iX Saloon
F10N N47N 518d Saloon
F10N N47N 520d Saloon
F10N N47N 520dX Saloon
F10N N47S1 525d Saloon
F10N N47S1 525dX Saloon
F10N N55 535i Saloon
F10N N55 535iX Saloon
F10N N55 Hybrid 5 Saloon
F10N N57N 530d Saloon
F10N N57N 530dX Saloon
F10N N57N 535d Saloon
F10N N57N 535dX Saloon
F10N N57X M550dX Salo on
F10N N57Z 535d Saloon
F10N N57Z 535dX Saloon
F10N N63N 550i Saloon
F10N N63N 550iX Saloon
F11 N20 520i Touring
F11 N20 528i Touring
F11 N20 528iX Touring
F11 N47N 520d Touring
F11 N47S1 525d Touring
F11 N47S1 525dX Touring
F11 N52N 523i Touring
F11 N52N 530i Touring
F11 N53 523i Touring
F11 N53 528i Touring
F11 N53 530i Touring
F11 N55 535i Touring
F11 N55 535iX Touring
F11 N57 525d Touring
F11 N57 530d Touring
F11 N57N 530d Touring
F11 N57N 530dX Touring
F11 N57S 535d Touring
F11 N57X M550dX Touring
F11 N57Z 535d Touring
F11 N57Z 535dX Touring
F11 N63 550i Touring
F11N B47 518d Touring
F11N B47 520d Touring
F11N B47 520dX Touring
F11N N20 520i Touring
F11N N20 528i Touring
F11N N20 528iX Touring
F11N N47N 518d Touring
F11N N47N 520d Touring
F11N N47N 520dX Touring
F11N N47S1 525d Touring
F11N N47S1 525dX Touring
F11N N55 535i Touring
F11N N55 535iX Touring
F11N N57N 530d Touring
F11N N57N 530dX Touring
F11N N57X M550dX Touring
F11N N57Z 535d Touring
F11N N57Z 535dX Touring
F11N N63N 550i Touring
F12 N55 640i Convertible
F12 N55 640iX Convertible
F12 N57Z 640d Convertible
F12 N57Z 640dX Convertible
F12 N63 650i Convertible
F12 N63 650iX Convertible
F12 N63N 650i Convertible
F12 N63N 650iX 4.0 Convertible
F12 N63N 650iX 4.4 Convertible
F12 N63N 650iX Convertible
F12 S63N M6 Convertible
F12N N55 640i Convertible
F12N N55 640iX Convertible
F12N N57Z 640d Convertible
F12N N57Z 640dX Convertible
F12N N63N 650i Convertible
F12N N63N 650iX 4.0 Convertible
F12N N63N 650iX 4.4 Convertible
F12N N63N 650iX Convertible
F12N S63N M6 Convertible
F13 N55 640i Coupe
F13 N55 640iX Coupe
F13 N57Z 640d Coupe
F13 N57Z 640dX Coupe
F13 N63 650i Coupe
F13 N63 650iX Coupe
F13 N63N 650i Coupe
F13 N63N 650iX 4.0 Coupe
F13 N63N 650iX 4.4 Coupe
F13 N63N 650iX Coupe
F 13 S63N M6 Coupe
F13N N55 640i Coupe
F13N N55 640iX Coupe
F13N N57Z 640d Coupe
F13N N57Z 640dX Coupe
F13N N63N 650i Coupe
F13N N63N 650iX 4.0 Coupe
F13N N63N 650iX 4.4 Coupe
F13N N63N 650iX Coupe
F13N S63N M6 Coupe
F18 N20 520Li Saloon
F18 N20 525Li Saloon
F18 N52N 520Li Saloon
F18 N52N 523Li Saloon
F18 N52N 528Li Saloon
F18 N52N 530Li Saloon
F18 N55 535Li Saloon
F18N N20 520Li Saloon
F18N N20 525Li Saloon
F18N N20 528Li Saloon
F18N N20 528LiX Saloon
F18N N20 530Le Saloon
F18N N52N 530Li Saloon
F18N N55 535Li Saloon
RR4 N74R Ghost EWB Saloon
RR4 N74R Ghost Saloon
RR5 N74R Wraith Coupe
RR6 N74R Dawn Convertible

Replaces Genuine BMW Part Numbers:

64 11 9 272 642 - 64119272642 - 9 272 642 - 9272642
64 11 9 272 641 - 64119272641 - 9 272 641 - 9272641
64 11 9 163 328 - 64119163328 - 9 163 328 - 9163328
64 11 9 163 329 - 64119163329 - 9 163 329 - 9163329

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