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Darkside Universal Front Mounted Engine Oil Cooler Kit

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Product Description

Darkside Front Mounted Oil Cooler Kit

 Darkside Oil Cooler with all fittings and hose required to fit on most TDI Engines

Oil Coolers are an important addition to high performance engines. Engine Oil can easily overheat causing it to becomes thinner and offer less protection to vital engine parts, resulting in premature engine wear. This is especially a concern on the PD Engines, known for excessive camshaft wear

This is a Universal Kit to be mounted where suitable. It needs to be fitted in a position where airflow can easily pass through, such as the front of the car by the radiator or fog lights. The Universal brackets can be cut or bent to allow fitment in the correct place

Included in the Kit
Oil Cooler - 10 or 13 Row
Sandwich Plate (Thermostatic OR Non-Thermostatic)
Union Adapter
2 x Straight Connectors
2 x 90 Push Fit Connectors
2 x 2m Push Fit Hose
Universal Bracket Kit
Heat Exchanger O-Ring Seal

 The Sandwich Plates are designed to fit between the Oil Filter Housing and the Oil / Coolant Heat Exchanger using the Union Adapter provided. This means you can retain the Heat Exchanger that accelerates the time it takes the coolant to reach optimum temperature (~90 Degrees)

The Thermostatic Sandwich Plate stays closed until the oil is up to temperature, keeping the oil away from the Cooler Circuit, this will heat it up faster and then maintain a constant temperature. The Non-Thermostatic is more for track / race use or hot climates where the engine heats up quickly without the need to keep the circuit closed

Oil Cooler Sizes:

10 ROW - W (Overall) - 330mm / W (Core) - 257mm x H - 100mm x D - 50mm

13 ROW - W (Overall) - 330mm / W (Core) - 257mm x H - 75mm x D - 50mm