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Exhaust Camshaft for E9X 330d M57N2 (M57TU2)

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  • Exhaust Camshaft for E9X 330d M57N2 (M57TU2)
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Exhaust Camshaft for E9X 330d M57N2 (M57TU2)

High Quality Forged Steel Exhaust Camshaft for BMW E9X 330d M57N2 (M57TU2) Engines

  • Direct Replacement
  • High quality forged steel
  • Series / Chassis

    E60 / E60N / E61 / E61N / E63N / E64N / E65 / E66 / E70 / E70N / E71 / E83 / E83N / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N / E92 / E92N / E93


    325d / 330d / 330xd / 335d / 525d / 525xd / 530d / 530xd / 535d / 635d / 730d / 730Ld / X3 / X5 / X6


    M57N / M57N2

    This item will fit the following Vehicles:

    E60 M57N 525d Saloon
    E60 M57N 535d Saloon
    E60 M57N2 530d Saloon
    E60 M57N2 530xd Saloon
    E60N M57N2 525d Saloon
    E60N M57N2 525xd Saloon
    E60N M57N2 530d Saloon
    E60N M57N2 530xd Saloon
    E60N M57N2 535d Saloon
    E61 M57N 525d Touring
    E61 M57N 535d Touring
    E61 M57N2 530d Touring
    E61 M57N2 530xd Touring
    E61N M57N2 525d Touring
    E61N M57N2 525xd Touring
    E61N M57N2 530d Touring
    E61N M57N2 530xd Touring
    E61N M57N2 535d Touring
    E63N M57N2 635d Coupe
    E64N M57N2 635d Convertible
    E65 M57N2 730d Saloon
    E66 M57N2 730Ld Saloon
    E70 M57N2 X5 3.0d SAV
    E70 M57N2 X5 3.0sd SAV
    E70 M57N2 X5 3.5d SAV
    E70N M57N2 X5 35dX SAV
    E71 M57N2 X6 30dX SAC
    E71 M57N2 X6 35dX SAC
    E83 M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
    E83N M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
    E83N M57N2 X3 3.0sd SAV
    E90 M57N2 325d Saloon
    E90 M57N2 330d Saloon
    E90 M57N2 330xd Saloon
    E90 M57N2 335d Saloon
    E90N M57N2 325d Saloon
    E90N M57N2 335d Saloon
    E91 M57N2 325d Touring
    E91 M57N2 330d Touring
    E91 M57N2 330xd Touring
    E91 M57N2 335d Touring
    E91N M57N2 325d Touring
    E91N M57N2 335d Touring
    E92 M57N2 325d Coupe
    E92 M57N2 330d Coupe
    E92 M57N2 330xd Coupe
    E92 M57N2 335d Coupe
    E92N M57N2 335d Coupe
    E93 M57N2 325d Convertible
    E93 M57N2 330d Convertible

    Replaces BMW Part Numbers:

    11 31 7 791 580 - 11317791580 - 7 791 580 - 7791580

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