Race 2.0 16v PD140 Injectors with Bosio R1287+ Nozzles

  • Race 2.0 16v PD140 Injectors with Bosio R1287+ Nozzles
We no longer stock Bosio Nozzles - Please see below


 2.0 16v PD140 Race PD Injectors with Uprated Nozzles

THESE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, WE NOW STOCK FIRAD INJECTORS - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/products/race-2-0-16v-pd140-injectors-with-firad-120-nozzles.html

OEM Bosch Injector Bodies with Bosio R1287+ Nozzles

Bosio R1287 Nozzles are +25% more flow so will support ~300bhp (Stock PD140 Injectors do ~235bhp)

The Race PD injectors are fully reconditioned and fitted with larger Uprated Nozzles. All wear items are replaced and new seals fitted (these can cost £25 per injector on their own). Digital calibration is then carried out to the most extreme accuracy meaning these injectors will drive like stock with regards to smoke and economy

These will fit the following Vehicles:

 VW Golf Mk5 - BKD 140, AZV 136

VW Golf Mk5 Plus - BKD 140, AZV 136

VW Jetta - BKD 140, AZV 136

VW Touran - BKD 140, AZV 136

Audi A3 - BKD 140, AZV 136

Audi A4 - BVG 121, BVF 126, BNA / BRF 136, BLB / BRE 140

Audi A6 - BVG 121, BNA / BRF 136, BLB / BRE 140

Skoda Octavia - BKD 140, AZV 136

Seat Leon - BKD 140, AZV 136

Seat Toledo - BKD 140, AZV 136

Seat Altea - BKD 140, AZV 136

 These are sold on an Exchange Basis. We require a set of good condition BOSCH Injectors in return. If you require these Injectors before you can remove your standard units, there will be a surcharge of £300 applied, which would be refunded upon receipt of your core Injectors

Injector Cores MUST be returned within 60 days for a refund of the core charge

Before we Refund the Core Surcharge the Injectors you send will be sent off for testing, if the injectors are faulty you will not be entitled to a refund

If this is the case and you wish to have the injectors you sent back, you will be required to pay the return postage

Please note that the ECU Software will have to be re-calibrated when fitting these injectors

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