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Sachs 2.0 TDi 6 Speed 02Q Dual Mass Flywheel with Sachs SRE Performance Clutch Kit for PPD170 & CR170

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Product Description

 Sachs 2.0 TDi Dual Mass Flywheel with Sachs SRE Performance Clutch Kit

Fits VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda 2.0 TDI PPD170 / CR170 6 Speed Vehicles with 02Q Gearbox

This kit consists of:
Genuine SACHS 240mm Dual Mass Flywheel
Genuine SACHS SRE Clutch Disc
Genuine SACHS SRE Pressure Plate
Release Bearing (Optional)
 Flywheel and Pressure Plate Bolts 
SACHS Installation Lube

SACHS Part Numbers
Flywheel - 2294 001 091 / 2294001091
Pressure Plate - 883082 999788 / 883082999788 / 883082 001422 / 883082 001422
Organic Clutch Disc 881864 999502 / 881864999502
Sintered Clutch Disc 881864 999505 / 881864999505
Release Bearing - 3182 997 901 / 3182997901

These are a direct replacement for the Module fitted to the VW Golf Mk5, VW Jetta, Seat Leon, Seat Toledo, Audi A3 and Skoda Octavia and others with the 2.0 16v Engines

The Sachs SRE Pressure Plate and Uprated Clutch Discs improve hold with the Organic disc taking around 407Ft/Lb (480Nm) and the Sintered 599Ft/Lb (520Nm)


To fit the following Engine Codes (can be found on a sticker on the Cam Belt Cover or in the Boot): 

VW Golf Mk5 - BMN (PD170)

VW Golf Plus - BMN (PD170)

VW Golf Mk6 - CFGB / CBBB (CR170)

VW Jetta - BMN (PD170), CEGA (CR170)

VW Passat - BUZ (PD163), BMR (PD170), CBBB (CR170)

VW Passat CC - CLLA / CFGB / CBBB (CR170)

VW Touran - BMN (PD170), CFJA (CR170)

Audi A3 - BMN (PD170), CBBB / CFGB(CR170)

Audi TT - CBBB / CFGB (CR170) 

Seat Leon -  BMN (PD170), CEGA / CFJA (CR170)

Seat Toledo - BMN / CEGA (CR170)

Seat Altea - BMN (PD170), CEGA / CFJA (CR170)

Skoda Octavia - BMN (PD170), CEGA (CR170)

Skoda Superb - CFGB / CBBB (CR170)


This kit will NOT fit vehicles with a 5 Speed Transmission or Golf Mk4 Based Vehicles with the 02M Gearbox. Please see our other items or contact us if you require a 5 Speed or 02M Clutch and Flywheel