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Schroth Profi II-FE ASM 4 Point Road Legal FIA & ECE Approved Harness

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  • Schroth Profi II-FE ASM 4 Point Road Legal FIA & ECE Approved Harness
£330.00 - £660.00 (Inc. VAT)
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As featured in our Audi A5 project car Vlog, these road legal Schroth Harnesses are recommend by ourselves after previously owning a range of other harnesses brands on the market.

The Schroth Profi II-FE ASM Harness is a lightweight 4 point professional saloon harness featuring Schroth's ASM (Anti Sub-Marining) technology and uses the RFR (FE) push button buckle making it both FIA Approved and ECE/FMVSS as well as 100% road legal.

The RFR FE Release buckle also has the facility to take a crutch strap connection, so the harness can be easily be turned in to a six point version.

  • 3 inch (76mm) Wide Shoulder Straps
  • Wrap/Snap Hook Fixings
  • Lightweight Aluminium Adjusters
  • 2 inch (51mm) Lap Straps
  • FIA & ECE/FMVSS Approved
  • Road Legal
  • ASM (Anti Sub-Marining)
  • HANS Compatible
  • RFR FE Release Buckle

ASM Explained
The Schroth asm® system offers an unique safety advantage for 4-point harnesses. asm® is the acronym for anti-submarining. The risk to submarine (sliding underneath the lap belt), a well known phenomenon during frontal impacts, is significantly reduced by the asm® safety system. The energy converter is located in the inboard shoulder belt. Therefore makesure you purchase left and/or right harnesses.

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