Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit

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  • Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit
  • Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit
  • Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit
  • Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit
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Snow Performance Stage 1 Water Injection Kit 

Complete Starter kit with 300psi Pumpsystem and adjustable boost pressure switch

The operation is very simple: The Boost Cooler system starts injecting when the boost switch reaches the user-adjustable point and it injects a fixed amount of fluid through the nozzle until the switch opens again

Waterinjection is very effective on Diesels - unlike gasoline engines, the power in a turbo diesel is largely a function of fuel. The problem with continually adding fuel is that you create an over-fueling condition and reach a point where the exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) become prohibitive (over 700°C). A water/alcohol mix will decrease EGT's while also increasing power

How much of a power increase is usually dictated by how hot the charge temp is and how much more potential the turbo has compared to the fuel you have available. Put simply water methanol injection is most effective if you have a turbo that is rated for more power but you are limited by fuel

The water or water/alcohol mixture is sprayed into the combustion chamber. In the evaporation process of the previously injected liquid, diesel fuel is "breakage" and a very fine diesel mist is generated. This results in a power increase because the diesel burns more completely, rather than discharged partially burning or unburned as exhaust gas. When changing the aggregate states of water in steam, its volume increases greatly. The steam expansion also increases the engine torque

Furthermore, the Boost Cooler doesn't create an intake restriction like an intercooler, reduces intake air temps up to 60°C and improves charge air density too! Snow Performance systems effectively steam clean the valves, valve seats, and even the piston tops and intake when they inject.

This reduces carbon build up. The Boost Cooler™ can be installed in a matter of hours without having to remove bumpers or do custom intake piping.

As well as the standard kit parts we also include the following to help out with the installation:

  • 2m of 4mm Black Vacuum Hose
  • Missile Rocker Switch
  • 1/8 - 27 BSPT Barb Hose Fitting (For 4mm Vacuum Hose
  • Supplied with Nozzle Size 3 (175ml/min@40psi) & 4 (225ml/min@40psi)

Recommend starting points for TurboDiesel Engines (50/50 water/methanol mix)

Power RangeNozzle Size
475hp+625ml (+ dual nozzle upgrade)

Hyper-Sonic Nozzle Indentification Chart
The nozzle sizing is based on a pressure of 40psi. Therefore a the real flow rate is higher because of higher pressure rates.

Nozzle Size ml/min (40psi)LabelFlow Rate 100psi / 6.9barFlow Rate 200psi / 13.8bar
601= 80ml= 90ml
1002= 130ml= 150ml
1753= 225ml= 260ml
2254= 290ml= 335ml
3755= 450ml= 530ml
6256= 800ml= 930ml

Larger nozzles can be purchased here - SIZE 5 (375ml) and SIZE 6 (625ml)

See our Water Methanol Injection FAQ (Diesel) Blog for even more information

The Methanol we use is 99.85% and can be purchased here -

We recommend a 50/50 mix with water. A full tank will last us around 20 minutes on track but this can vary on nozzles size and control settings

Solenoid Upgrade

The new and improved Snow Performance Solenoid Upgrade offers 100% safety for all injection systems utilising a rear mounted reservoir, injection points under vacuum, or installs where injection nozzle is lower than water-methanol reservoir. The solenoid fits in line between the pump and injection point and locks fluid in place when not in use adding safety and peace of mind to any injection system. Can also be used to control a second stage of injection with any VC-50, Stage 3, or MPG-MAX water-meth controller.


  • Robust Methanol Resistant Stainless Steel/Zinc Design
  • High PSI Solenoid Designed to Be Used Between Pump & Injection Point
  • Two Brackets Mounted To Solenoid For Easy Install
  • Pigtail Harnessed Wiring Connections
  • Easy to Read "Flow" Indication
  • 2 Quick Connect Fittings To 1/4" High Temp Nylon Tubing
  • Large 3/16" Orifice For Maximum Flow Through System

Note: Snow Perfomance or Darkside Developments holds no responsibility for any engine damage or personal injury that results from the misuse of this product, including but not limited to injury or death caused by the mishandling of methanol

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