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ARP Mains Stud Kit for BMW 4 Cylinder M41 / M47 / M47N / M47N2

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  • ARP Mains Stud Kit for BMW 4 Cylinder M41 / M47 / M47N / M47N2


ARP Mains Stud Kit for BMW 4 Cylinder M41 / M47 / M47N / M47N2

These main studs are to secure the crank Mains caps, holding the crankshaft in the block

The studs are a premium grade 8740 alloy which is rated as an aircraft material, they are also heat treated to give a yield strength of 190,000 PSI

This Kit Consists of the following:

10 x ARP Mains Studs
10 x ARP Nuts
1x Assembly Lubricant

Series / Chassis

E36 / E39 / E46 / E60 / E60N / E61 / E61N / E83 / E83N / E87 / E90 / E91


118d / 120d / 318d / 318td / 318tds / 320Cd / 320d / 320td / 520d / X3


M41 / M47 / M47N / M47N2

This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

E36 M41
E36 M41 318tds Saloon
E36 M41 318tds Touring
E39 M47 520d Saloon
E39 M47 520d Touring
E46 M47 318d Saloon
E46 M47 318d Touring
E46 M47 320d Saloon
E46 M47 320d Touring
E46 M47N 318d Saloon
E46 M47N 318d Touring
E46 M47N 318td Compact
E46 M47N 320Cd Convertible
E46 M47N 320Cd Coupe
E46 M47N 320d Saloon
E46 M47N 320d Touring
E46 M47N 320td Compact
E60 M47N2 520d Saloon
E60N M47N2 520d Saloon
E61 M47N2 520d Touring
E61N M47N2 520d Touring
E83 M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E83N M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E87 M47N2 118d 5 doors
E87 M47N2 120d 5 doors
E90 M47N2 318d Saloon
E90 M47N2 320d Saloon
E91 M47N2 318d Touring
E91 M47N2 320d Touring

Replaces BMW Part Numbers

11 11 7 787 806 - 11117787806 - 7 787 806 - 7787806
11 11 2 244 286 - 11112244286 - 2 244 286 - 2244286

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