Complete CP4 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit for BMW N47 Engines

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  • Complete CP4 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit for BMW N47 Engines
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  • Complete CP4 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit for BMW N47 Engines
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Complete CP4 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit for BMW N47 Engines

Complete CP4 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit, Including Fuel Rail, Sensor, Regulator and Lines for BMW N47 Engines

This Fuel Pump Upgrade is to be used in conjunction with our N47 Solenoid Injector Upgrade (See Link to these Below in this Listing)

Rather than using a stock N47 CP4.1 Pump and fitting experimental parts, we decided to create a kit using the CP4.2 Pump as a base. It requires a bit more work to fit, and more parts, but is a much more robust setup, and makes any maintenance much easier as you are using off the shelf parts that are easily obtained in the future.

This kit is currently fitted on a 118d with our GTB2260VK Turbo Kit and N47 / N47N Solenoid Injector Upgrade, plus a few other supporting mods, and the car is producing over 270 BHP

We will send a fitting guide via email once the order is placed. There are a few parts that need to be ground to allow fitment of the High Pressure Lines, See Below:

Remove and Grind Alternator Bracket
Remove and Grind Inlet Manifold - New Seals are included
EGR and Cooler need to be removed
Rail Bracket / Support and Decoupling element - Use original - Only 2 required instead of 3
Special Tool required for Pump Removal - See Link to this Item Below
The Fuel Rail Supplied with this Kit comes complete with USED Fuel Pressure Regulator & Fuel Pressure Sensor. We have Brand New or Upgraded Regulators and Sensors listed for the Fuel Rail Supplied in this Kit, however, it is NOT necessary to upgrade these parts.
You will have to Upgrade the Fuel Pressure Sensor if running more than 2150 BAR Rail Pressure.
Please find links below in this listing.

This Kit is supplied with a different Fuel Rail (used) and Rail Pipes to the original as the Union Size is different for the Rail to Injector Lines. Everything to fit this is supplied.
Please be aware, the Fuel Rails supplied are Used but have been removed from Running Engines.
Fuel Pump Options:

Used Untested: These are Used Units removed from running engines, however, they have not been tested. These are purchased at the buyers own risk.
Used Tested: Although these are used Units they have been fully tested and are in good working order
New Bosch: Brand New Bosch Fuel Pump Unit
Shop Upgraded DRV30 Fuel Pressure Regulator Here:
Shop Upgraded 2700 BAR Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Here:

This Kit Consists of:

1x Upgrade CP4 Fuel Pump
4x Fuel Rail to Injector Pipes
1x Used Fuel Rail, Complete with Sensor & Regulator
2x Fuel Pump to Fuel Rail Pipes
Required Gaskets / Blanks / Bolts / Seals

Shop BMW N47 Upgraded Solenoid Injector Set Here:

Shop Fuel Pump Removal Tool Here:

Shop Standard Replacement Brand New Regulator for Upgraded Rail:

Shop Standard Replacement New Pressure Sensor for Upgraded Rail:

Series / Chassis

E81 / E82 / E87N / E88 / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N


116d / 118d / 316d / 318d



This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

E81 N47 116d 3 doors
E81 N47 118d 3 doors
E82 N47 118d Coupe
E87N N47 116d 5 doors
E87N N47 118d 5 doors
E88 N47 118d Convertible
E90 N47 318d Saloon
E90N N47 316d Saloon
E90N N47 318d Saloon
E91 N47 318d Touring
E91N N47 318d Touring

Upgrade for BMW Fuel Pump Part Numbers:

13 51 7 797 876 - 13517797876 - 7 797 876 - 7797876
13 51 7 812 051 - 13517812051 - 7 812 051 - 7812051
13 51 8 577 643 - 13518577643 - 8 577 643 - 8577643

Replaces BMW Fuel Rail Part Numbers:

13 53 7 809 127 - 13537809127 - 7 809 127 - 7809127

Upgrade for BOSCH Fuel Pump Part Numbers:

0 445 010 580 - 0445 010 580 - 0445010580
­0 445 010 581 - ­0445 010 581 - ­0445010581
0 986 437 402 - 0986 437 402 - 0986437402
­0 986 437 455 - ­0986 437 455 - ­0986437455

Please Note: This Kit Will NOT Fit with the Standard Injectors

Fitting Costs

Darkside Developments offers professional in-house fitting for all products at our workshop located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Labour Time (Hours) Labour Cost
5 £250 + VAT
For more Information or to make a booking, please CONTACT US
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