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GIBONTA Race Nozzles for 1.9 & 2.5 VE Engines

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Product Description

GIBONTA VE Injector Nozzles

 Race Injector Nozzles for the 1.9 & 2.5 TDI VE Engines

  • Highest quality European made nozzles
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • The flow rates between each nozzle is BETTER than Bosch or Bosio meaning a perfect idle and minimal smoke output
  • DLC 'Diamond like Carbon' Coated and ULSD Rated Nozzles

Available in 0.210, 0.220, 0.240, 0.260, 0.280, 0.320, 0.360, 0.460 Sizes


These are the highest quality European made nozzles available. The flow rates between each nozzle is BETTER than Bosch or Bosio meaning a perfect idle and minimal smoke output

Estimated power figures with a (stock) 10mm Injection Pump

  • 0.210 - 145bhp
    0.220 - 165bhp
  • 0.240 - 185bhp
  • 0.260 - 205bhp
  • 0.280 - 220bhp
  • 0.320 - 250bhp
  • 0.360 - 275bhp
  • 0.460 - 350bhp

An 11mm Pump will normally yield +20hp and a 12mm +50hp from the figures quoted above. For 0.320 / 0.360 Nozzles an 11mm or 12mm Pump is required to ensure there is adequate injection pressure. 0.460 will need a 12mm pump

For comparison Bosio Race 520 Nozzles are .260um

These nozzles are now DLC Coated. DLC stands for 'Diamond Like Carbon' this coating gives the minimal amount of surface friction due to its smooth surface qualities
This allows the nozzle needle to cycle faster resulting in better needle response and improvement in fuel quantity control
The life of the DLC Nozzles is significantly improved (around 50%) over non-DLC type nozzles

 A .220 nozzle will drop right into a 90 or 110 Engine almost smoke free without the need for a re-tune and are also perfect to max out the stock turbo once re-mapped

If you are having your vehicle tuned right away, we recommend you fit 0.260 nozzles as these can be tweaked down to be smoke free at any power output but can also be bumped up in the software should any hardware modifications be carried out in the future

.280's are for Big Turbo setups, the .320's and above are not for the faint-hearted and will push a LOT of fuel, especially when coupled with a 12mm IP

 Please Note - VE Injector Nozzles should only be fitted to Injector Bodies by a professional. These are NOT DIY install parts. Incorrect 1st and 2nd Stage pressure settings can cause rough idle and excessive smoke output. We accept no responsibility for this product or any other parts damaged as a result of fitting these nozzles yourself

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