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Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine

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  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine
  • Silicone Colours
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine
  • Silicone Colours
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine
  • Hard Pipework Kit for 1.9 8v TDi PD105 Engine

Coloured Silicones are custom order and may take up to 7 working days to dispatch. Black Silicones are in stock

£318.00 - £474.00 (Inc. VAT)
£265.00 - £395.00 (Ex. VAT)


Alloy Hard Boost Pipework Kit for 1.9 TDi PD105 Engines
 Fits VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda with 1.9 TDi PD105 Engine
  • 57mm Alloy pipes to fit perfectly in place of the stock pipes
  • Replaces unnecessary joints which can cause boost leaks
  • High quality 3ply silicone hoses
  • Stainless T-Bolt clamps for secure fitting
  • Made in UK
  • Use with standard or S3 intercooler

 This Intercooler Kit replaces the standard rubber and plastic hoses with the clip connectors that can cause boost leaks. The Alloy Pipe Kit on its own eliminates some of these problematic connectors. Combined with an S3 Intercooler even more clip connectors are removed and the plastic end tanks are replaced with the S3's alloy tanks

There are a number of different options available with this kit, dependent on your Turbo and Intercooler setup. Please select the options above to get the final price for your kit
Dependant of the options selected, this kit consists of:

Darkside Developments Alloy Pipe Kit with MAP Sensor Boss
Darkside Developments Clip Connector Adapters 
Darkside Developments Silicone Hoses
 Viton O-Ring Seals on Clip Connector Adapters
Stainless Steel Clamps

Turbo Options
Standard / Hybrid Turbo - Turbo Clip Connector Adapter and Silicone Hose
GTB Turbo Kit - 90 Degree Silicone Hose
EGR / ASV Options
Retain EGR Valve / ASV Clip Connector - Clip Connector Adapter and Silicone Hose
EGR and ASV Removed - Silicone Hoses
Intercooler Options
Retain Standard Intercooler - 2 Intercooler Clip Connector Adapters and Silicone Hoses
S3 Intercooler - Silicone Hoses
This pipe kit will fit vehicles with the following Engine Codes:
VW Golf Mk5 - BKC / BXE / BXF
VW Jetta - BKC / BXE / BXF
VW Passat - BKC / BXE / BXF
VW Caddy - BJB
Audi A3 8P - BKC / BXE / BXF
Seat Leon - BKC / BXE / BXF
Skoda Octavia - BKC / BXE / BXF
Touran - AVQ / BKC / BRU
We also have an upgraded S3 Intercooler Available which can be found here -
To delete the EGR on the BKC / BXE / BXF Engine you need this Pipe - and select Retain EGR Valve / ASV Clip Connector 
To delete the EGR on the Caddy BJB Engine you need this Pipe - and select EGR and ASV Removed 
 If you decided to upgrade from the Standard Intercooler to the S3 Intercooler at a later date, the kit is exactly the same, you would just no longer need the Clip Connector Adapters. This is also the same if you swap from the Stock/Hybrid Turbocharger to our GTB Turbo Kit
All the silicones included in the kit may require slight Trimming to suit your set up, These are left long to take in to consideration tolerances between cars
We now offer a range of Silicone Colours - Black Silicones are in stock where as the other colours are special order and may take up to 1 week to dispatch

(Sometimes the turbo clip can be quite tight to push in due the tolerances we have them machined to. We have found that warming the turbo compressor housing with a heat gun helps the clip push in)


This kit is designed to fit vehicles with double fan, if your vehicle has the single cooling fan clearance is very tight and the kit may need modification or swapping out for a double fan unit


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