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Jack Pad Adaptor - 80mm Diameter - PF5-4660

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  • Jack Pad Adaptor - 80mm Diameter - PF5-4660
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Jack Pad Adaptor - PF5-4660

PF5-4660 is a polyurethane jack pad to fit into the plastic lifting points found on most modern BMW and related vehicles and is designed to help lift stability and location, whilst protecting the underside of your vehicle
80mm Diameter
Road Series
Location on Vehicle


Included in the Kit:
1 x PF5-4660 - Jack Pad Adaptor

Replaces Part Numbers

51 71 7 039 760 - 51717039760 - 7 039 760 - 7039760
51 71 0 143 210 - 51710143210 - 0 143 210 - 0143210
51 71 7 123 311 - 51717123311 - 7 123 311 - 7123311
51 71 7 237 195 - 51717237195 - 7 237 195 - 7237195
51 71 8 268 885 - 51718268885 - 8 268 885 - 8268885
51 71 0 153 103 - 51710153103 - 0 153 103 - 0153103

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Aftermarket Comparison Numbers

AIRTEX - E2324
CORTECO - 19135320
CORTECO - 19135321
CORTECO - 19135322
CORTECO - 19135449
CORTECO - 19135450
CORTECO - 19135457
QH International - EMR6110
SWAG - 20 93 7652 - 20937652
TOPRAN - 502 014 - 502014

Series / Chassis

E46 / E52 / E63 / E63N / E64 / E64N / E65 / E66 / E67 / E81 / E82 / E83 / E83N / E84 / E85 / E86 / E87 / E87N / E89 / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N / F01 / F01N / F02 / F02N / F03 / F03N / F04 / F06 / F06N / F07 / F07N / F10 / F10N / F11 / F11N / F13 / F13N / F18 / F18N / F34N / F39 / F48 / F49 / F54 / F60 / G05 / M12 / M13 / R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R55N / R56 / R56N / R57 / R57N / R58 / R59 / RR1 / RR1N / RR2 / RR2N / RR3 / RR3N / RR4


116d / 116i / 118d / 118i / 120d / 120i / 123d / 125i / 128i / 130i / 135i / 316Ci / 316d / 316i / 316ti / 318Ci / 318d / 318i / 318td / 318ti / 320Cd / 320Ci / 320d / 320dX / 320i / 320iX / 320si / 320td / 320xd / 323Ci / 323i / 325Ci / 325d / 325i / 325ti / 325xi / 328Ci / 328i / 328xi / 330Cd / 330Ci / 330d / 330dX / 330i / 330iX / 330xd / 330xi / 335d / 335dX / 335i / 335xi / 340i / 340iX / 518d / 520d / 520dX / 520i / 520Li / 523i / 523Li / 525d / 525dX / 525Li / 528i / 528iX / 528Li / 528LiX / 530d / 530dX / 530i / 530Le / 530Li / 535d / 535dX / 535i / 535iX / 535Li / 550i / 550iX / 630i / 635d / 640d / 640dX / 640i / 640iX / 645Ci / 650i / 650iX / 730d / 730dX / 730i / 730Ld / 730Li / 735i / 735Li / 740d / 740dX / 740i / 740LdX / 740Li / 740LiX / 745d / 745i / 745Li / 745LiS / 750dX / 750i / 750iX / 750LdX / 750Li / 750LiS / 750LiX / 760i / 760Li / 760LiS / ALPINA / Coop.S / Cooper / Coupe / Drophead / Ghost / Hybrid / JCW / M / M3 / M5 / M550dX / M6 / One / Phantom / X1 / X2 / X3 / X5 / Z4 / Z8 / Zinoro


B32 / B36 / B37 / B37B / B38 / B38B / B38C / B38X / B42 / B46 / B47 / B47B / B47D / B48 / B48C / B48D / B48E / B57 / B57S / B58 / B58C / I15 / IB1 / M43 / M47 / M47N / M47N2 / M52 / M54 / M56 / M57 / M57N / M57N2 / M62 / M67 / M67N / N12 / N14 / N16 / N18 / N20 / N40 / N42 / N43 / N45 / N45N / N46 / N46N / N47 / N47N / N47S / N47S1 / N51 / N52 / N52N / N53 / N54 / N54T / N55 / N57 / N57N / N57S / N57X / N57Z / N62 / N62N / N63 / N63M / N63N / N73 / N74 / N74R / S54 / S62 / S63N / S65 / S85 / W10 / W11 / W16 / W17


To fit the following vehicles

E46 M43
E46 M43 316i 1.6 Saloon
E46 M43 316i 1.9 Saloon
E46 M43 318Ci Coupe
E46 M43 318i Saloon
E46 M43 318i Touring
E46 M47 318d Saloon
E46 M47 318d Touring
E46 M47 320d Saloon
E46 M47 320d Touring
E46 M47N 318d Saloon
E46 M47N 318d Touring
E46 M47N 318td Compact
E46 M47N 320Cd Convertible
E46 M47N 320Cd Coupe
E46 M47N 320d Saloon
E46 M47N 320d Touring
E46 M47N 320td Compact
E46 M52 320Ci Coupe
E46 M52 320i Saloon
E46 M52 320i Touring
E46 M52 323Ci Convertible
E46 M52 323Ci Coupe
E46 M52 323i 2.4 Saloon
E46 M52 323i Saloon
E46 M52 323i Touring
E46 M52 328Ci Coupe
E46 M52 328i Saloon
E46 M52 328i Touring
E46 M54 320Ci Convertible
E46 M54 320Ci Coupe
E46 M54 320i Saloon
E46 M54 320i Touring
E46 M54 325Ci Convertible
E46 M54 325Ci Coupe
E46 M54 325i Saloon
E46 M54 325i Touring
E46 M54 325ti Compact
E46 M54 325xi Saloon
E46 M54 325xi Touring
E46 M54 330Ci Convertible
E46 M54 330Ci Coupe
E46 M54 330i Saloon
E46 M54 330i Touring
E46 M54 330xi Saloon
E46 M54 330xi Touring
E46 M56 325Ci Coupe
E46 M56 325i Saloon
E46 M56 325i Touring
E46 M57 330d Saloon
E46 M57 330d Touring
E46 M57 330xd Saloon
E46 M57 330xd Touring
E46 M57N 330Cd Convertible
E46 M57N 330Cd Coupe
E46 M57N 330d Saloon
E46 M57N 330d Touring
E46 M57N 330xd Saloon
E46 M57N 330xd Touring
E46 N40 316Ci Coupe
E46 N40 316i Saloon
E46 N40 316ti Compact
E46 N42 316i Saloon
E46 N42 316i Touring
E46 N42 316ti Compact
E46 N42 318Ci Convertible
E46 N42 318Ci Coupe
E46 N42 318i Saloon
E46 N42 318i Touring
E46 N42 318ti Compact
E46 N45 316Ci Coupe
E46 N45 316i Saloon
E46 N45 316ti Compact
E46 N46 316i Saloon
E46 N46 316i Touring
E46 N46 316ti Compact
E46 N46 318Ci Convertible
E46 N46 318Ci Coupe
E46 N46 318i Saloon
E46 N46 318i Touring
E46 N46 318ti Compact
E46 S54 M3 Convertib le
E46 S54 M3 Coupe
E46 S54 M3 CSL Coupe
E52 M62 ALPINA V8 Roadster
E52 S62 Z8 Roadster
E63 N52 630i Coupe
E63 N62 645Ci Coupe
E63 N62N 650i Coupe
E63 S85 M6 Coupe
E63N M57N2 635d Coupe
E63N N52N 630i Coupe
E63N N53 630i Coupe
E63N N62N 650i Coupe
E64 N52 630i Convertible
E64 N62 645Ci Convertible
E64 N62N 650i Convertible
E64 S85 M6 Convertible
E64N M57N2 635d Convertible
E64N N52N 630i Convertible
E64N N53 630i Convertible
E64N N62N 650i Convertible
E65 M54 730i Saloon (till 03.2005)
E65 M57N 730d Saloon (till 03.2005)
E65 M57N2 730d Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 M67 740d Saloon (till 03.2005)
E65 M67N 745d Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N52 730i Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N62 735i Saloon (till 03.2005)
E65 N62 745i Saloon (till 03.2005)
E65 N62 ALPINA B7 Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N62N 740i Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N62N 750i Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N73 760i Saloon (from 03.2005)
E65 N73 760i Saloon (till 03.2005)
E66 M54 730Li Saloon (till 03.2005)
E66 M57N2 730Ld Saloon (from 03.2005)
E66 N52 730Li Saloon (from 03.2005)
E66 N62 735Li Saloon (till 03.2005)
E66 N62 745Li Saloon (till 03.2005)
E66 N62N 740Li Saloon (from 03.2005)
E66 N62N 750Li Saloon (from 03.2005)
E66 N73 760Li Saloon (from 03.2005)
E66 N73 760Li Saloon (till 03.2005)
E67 N62 745LiS Saloon (from 03.2005)
E67 N62 745LiS Saloon (till 03.2005)
E67 N73 760LiS Saloon (from 03.2005)
E67 N73 760LiS Saloon (till 03.2005)
E81 N43 116i 1.6 3 doors
E81 N43 116i 2.0 3 doors
E81 N43 118i 3 doors
E81 N43 120i 3 doors
E81 N45N 116i 1.6 3 doors
E81 N46N 118i 3 doors
E81 N46N 120i 3 doors
E81 N47
E81 N47 118d 3 doors
E81 N47 120d 3 doors
E81 N47S 123d 3 doors
E81 N52N 130i 3 doors
E82 N43 120i Coupe
E82 N46N 120i Coupe
E82 N47 118d Coupe
E82 N47 120d Coupe
E82 N47S 123d Coupe
E82 N51 128i Coupe
E82 N52N 125i Coupe
E82 N52N 12 8i Coupe
E82 N54 135i Coupe
E82 N54T M Coupe Coupe
E82 N55 135i Coupe
E83 M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E83 M54 X3 2.5i SAV
E83 M54 X3 3.0i SAV
E83 M57N X3 3.0d SAV
E83 M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
E83 N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E83N M47N2 X3 2.0d SAV
E83N M57N2 X3 3.0d SAV
E83N M57N2 X3 3.0sd SAV
E83N N46 X3 2.0i SAV
E83N N47 X3 1.8d SAV
E83N N47 X3 2.0d SAV
E83N N52N X3 2.5si SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0i SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0si SAV
E84 N20 X1 16i SAV
E84 N20 X1 18i SAV
E84 N20 X1 20i SAV
E84 N20 X1 20iX SAV
E84 N20 X1 28i SAV
E84 N20 X1 28iX SAV
E84 N46N X1 18i SAV
E84 N47 X1 18d SAV
E84 N47 X1 18dX SAV
E84 N47 X1 20d SAV
E84 N47 X1 20dX SAV
E84 N47N X1 16d SAV
E84 N47N X1 18d SAV
E84 N47N X1 18dX SAV
E84 N47N X1 20d ed SAV
E84 N47N X1 20d SAV
E84 N47N X1 20dX SAV
E84 N47S X1 23dX SAV
E84 N47S1 X1 25dX SAV
E84 N52N X1 25iX SAV
E84 N52N X1 28iX SAV
E84 N55 X1 35iX SAV
E85 M54 Z4 2.2i Roadster
E85 M54 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 M54 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 N46 Z4 2.0i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 2.5si Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0si Roadster
E86 N52 Z4 3.0si Coupe
E87 M47N2 118d 5 doors
E87 M47N2 120d 5 doors
E87 N45 116i 5 doors
E87 N46 118i 5 doors
E87 N46 120i 5 doors
E87 N52 130i 5 doors
E87N N43 116i 1.6 5 doors
E87N N43 116i 2.0 5 doors
E87N N43 118i 5 doors
E87N N43 120i 5 doors
E87N N45N 116i 1.6 5 doors
E87N N46N 118i 5 doors
E87N N46N 120i 5 doors
E87N N47 116d 5 doors
E87N N47 118d 5 doors
E87N N47 120d 5 doors
E87N N47S 123d 5 doors
E87N N52N 130i 5 doors
E89 N20 Z4 18i Roadster
E89 N20 Z4 20i Roadster
E89 N20 Z4 28i Roadster
E89 N52N Z4 23i Roadster
E89 N52N Z4 30i Roadster
E89 N54 Z4 35i Roadster
E89 N54T Z4 35is Roadster
E90 M47N2 318d Saloon
E90 M47N2 320d Saloon
E90 M57N2 325d Saloon
E90 M57N2 330d Saloon
E90 M57N2 330xd Saloon
E 90 M57N2 335d Saloon
E90 N43 316i Saloon
E90 N43 318i Saloon
E90 N43 320i Saloon
E90 N45 316i Saloon
E90 N45 320si Saloon
E90 N45N 316i Saloon
E90 N46 318i Saloon
E90 N46 320i Saloon
E90 N46N 318i Saloon
E90 N46N 320i Saloon
E90 N47 318d Saloon
E90 N47 320d Saloon
E90 N51 328i Saloon
E90 N51 328xi Saloon
E90 N52 323i Saloon
E90 N52 325i Saloon
E90 N52 325xi Saloon
E90 N52 330i Saloon
E90 N52 330xi Saloon
E90 N52N 323i Saloon
E90 N52N 325i Saloon
E90 N52N 325xi Saloon
E90 N52N 328i Saloon
E90 N52N 328xi Saloon
E90 N52N 330i Saloon
E90 N53 325i Saloon
E90 N53 325xi Saloon
E90 N53 330i Saloon
E90 N53 330xi Saloon
E90 N54 335i Saloon
E90 N54 335xi Saloon
E90 S65 M3 Saloon
E90N M57N2 325d Saloon
E90N M57N2 335d Saloon
E90N N43 316i Saloon
E90N N43 318i Saloon
E90N N43 320i Saloon
E90N N45N 316i Saloon
E90N N46N 318i Saloon
E90N N46N 320i Saloon
E90N N47 316d Saloon
E90N N47 318d Saloon
E90N N47 320d Saloon
E90N N47 320xd Saloon
E90N N47N 316d Saloon
E90N N47N 318d Saloon
E90N N47N 320d ed Saloon
E90N N47N 320d Saloon
E90N N47N 320xd Saloon
E90N N51 328i Saloon
E90N N51 328xi Saloon
E90N N52N 323i Saloon
E90N N52N 325i Saloon
E90N N52N 325xi Saloon
E90N N52N 328i Saloon
E90N N52N 328xi Saloon
E90N N52N 330i Saloon
E90N N53 325i Saloon
E90N N53 325xi Saloon
E90N N53 330i Saloon
E90N N53 330xi Saloon
E90N N54 335i Saloon
E90N N54 335xi Saloon
E90N N55 335i Saloon
E90N N55 335xi Saloon
E90N N57 325d Saloon
E90N N57 330d Saloon
E90N N57 330xd Saloon
E90N S65 M3 Saloon
E91 M47N2 318d Touring
E91 M47N2 320d Touring
E91 M57N2 325d Touring
E91 M57N2 330d Touring
E91 M57N2 330xd Touring
E91 M57N2 335d Touring
E91 N43 318i Touring
E91 N43 320i Touring
E91 N46 318i Touring
E91 N46 320i Touring
E91 N46N 318i Touring
E91 N46N 320i Touring
E91 N47 318d Touring
E91 N47 320d Touring
E91 N52 323i Touring
E91 N52 325i Touring
E91 N52 325xi Touring
E91 N52 330i Touring
E91 N52 330xi Touring
E91 N52N 323i Touring
E91 N52N 325i Touring
E91 N52N 325xi Touring
E91 N52N 328i Touring
E91 N52N 328xi Touring
E91 N52N 330i Touring
E91 N53 325i Touring
E91 N53 325xi Touring
E91 N53 330i Touring
E91 N53 330xi Touring
E91 N54 335i Touring
E91 N54 335xi Touring
E91N M57N2 325d Touring
E91N M57N2 335d Touring
E91N N43 316i Touring
E91N N43 318i Touring
E91N N43 320i Touring
E91N N46N 318i Touring
E91N N46N 320i Touring
E91N N47 318d Touring
E91N N47 320d Touring
E91N N47 320xd Touring
E91N N47N 316d Touring
E91N N47N 318d Touring
E91N N47N 320d ed Touring
E91N N47N 320d Touring
E91N N47N 320xd Touring
E91N N52N 323i Touring
E91N N52N 325i Touring
E91N N52N 325xi Touring
E91N N52N 328i Touring
E91N N52N 328xi Touring
E91N N52N 330i Touring
E91N N53 325i Touring
E91N N53 325xi Touring
E91N N53 330i Touring
E91N N53 330xi Touring
E91N N54 335i Touring
E91N N54 335xi Touring
E91N N55 335i Touring
E91N N55 335xi Touring
E91N N57 325d Touring
E91N N57 330d Touring
E91N N57 330xd Touring
F01 N52N 730i Saloon
F01 N54 740i Saloon
F01 N57 730d Saloon
F01 N57S 740d Saloon
F01 N57S 740dX Saloon
F01 N63 750i Saloon
F01 N63 750iX Saloon
F01 N63 ALPINA B7 Saloon
F01 N63 ALPINA B7X Saloon
F01 N74 760i Saloon
F01N N52N 730i Saloon
F01N N55 740i Saloon
F01N N55 Hybrid 7 Saloon
F01N N57N 730d Saloon
F01N N57N 730dX Saloon
F01N N57X 750dX Saloon
F01N N57Z 740d Saloon
F01N N57Z 740dX Saloon
F01N N63N 750i Saloon
F01N N63N 750iX Saloon
F01N N63N ALPINA B7 Saloon
F01N N63N ALPINA B7X Saloon
F01N N74 760i Saloon
F02 N52N 730Li Saloon
F02 N54 740Li Saloon
F02 N57 730Ld Saloon
F02 N63 750Li Saloon
F02 N63 750LiX Saloon<


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What is NVH?


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Road Series
Bush Size:
80mm Diameter
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