Mk7 US Spec CRUA CP3 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

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  • Mk7 US Spec CRUA CP3 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit
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Mk7 US Spec CRUA CP3 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit

CP3 Fuel Pump Upgrade Kit for US Spec CRUA 2.0 TDI Common Rail Engines

This kit will allow fitment of the CP3 Fuel Pump to the 2.0 Common Rail CRUA Diesel Engines found in the US Spec MK7 Platform Vehicles. The pump is capable of delivering double the amount of fuel compared to the factory CP4.1 and includes a built in gear lift pump to prevent fuel starvation, no need for larger capacity lift pumps which can be a real pain to install on a road car.

A CP3 pump has 3 pistons so will feed the rail with a constant pressure, you wont have limp at upper RPM any longer and can increase rail pressure to 2000 BAR to gain roughly 20hp.

This size CP3 pump is fitted to larger engines producing well over 300hp.

Diesel in the United States is infamous for being of poor quality, which presents problems with the Bosch CP4.1 fuel pump.

The CP3 fuel pump not only flows much more fuel (when requested), but is also far more reliable than the newer CP4.1 pumps.

It's a must-have upgrade for diesel owners in the US market, not just for increased durability but also for increased power!

Pump Options:

Used CP3 Pump (Untested) - An untested used fuel pump (no warranty / guarantee is given with this option

Used CP3 Pump (Tested) - A fully tested used CP3 pump in good working order

UK Reconditioned CP3 Pump - A reconditioned CP3 pump - Reconditioned here in the UK

Fully Rebuilt CP3 Pump - A fully rebuilt CP3 fuel pump from Bosch - as good as new

This Kit will fit the following Vehicles:

Audi A3 / S3 - CRUA (150)

VW Golf - CRUA (150)

VW Golf Variant - CRUA (150)

Upgrade for Genuine VW Part Numbers:

04L130755D - 04L130755 D - 04L 130 755 D
04L130755E - 04L130755 E - 04L 130 755 E

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