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Stage 2 CP3 Fuel Pump Conversion Kit for MK7 Platform 2.0 Common Rail Engines

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  • Stage 2 CP3 Fuel Pump Conversion Kit for MK7 Platform 2.0 Common Rail Engines
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Stage 2 CP3 Fuel Pump Conversion Kit for MK7 Plaform 2.0 Common Rail Engines

This kit will allow fitment of the CP3 Fuel Pump to the 2.0 Common Rail Engines found in the MK7 Platform Vehicles. The pump is capable of delivering double the amount of fuel compared to the factory CP4.1 and includes a built in gear lift pump to prevent fuel starvation, no need for larger capacity lift pumps which can be a real pain to install on a road car.

A CP3 pump has 3 pistons so will feed the rail with a constant pressure, you wont have limp at upper RPM any longer and can increase rail pressure to 2000bar to gain roughly 20hp.

The stock CP3 pump is fitted to larger engines producing well over 300hp. Our modified Stage 2 pump will flow even more to around 350bhp. Although the pump with flow the fuel for this power we have found other limitation on the MK7 TDI engines. See our MK7 Tuning Blog HERE

We also list a Stage 1 CP3 Kit good for around 300bhp:

Stage 2 CP3 Kit - ~350bhp

Although this kit is as close to bolt on as possible, we recommend professional installation. Tuning is not easy and requires time consuming trial and error. We cannot supply tuning files for this upgrade.

Kit Includes:

Stage 2 CP3 Pump (Choose from options above)

1 x Pulley
1 x Pump Adapter Bracket
1 x Sprocket Adapter Hub
2 x Alloy banjo fittings
1 x Wiring Connector
Fixing Kit

We also offer a 2 Micron High Performance Fuel Filter available here:


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