Darkside GTB Turbo Kit for 2.0 16v Common Rail Engines MK7 Platform (2013-)

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  • Darkside GTB Turbo Kit for 2.0 16v Common Rail Engines MK7 Platform (2013-)
  • VW Golf Mk6 2.0TDi 16v CR140 - GTB2260vk Standard Injectors
  • Darkside GTB Turbo Kit for 2.0 16v Common Rail Engines MK7 Platform (2013-)
  • VW Golf Mk6 2.0TDi 16v CR140 - GTB2260vk Standard Injectors
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Darkside GTB Turbo Kit for 2.0 16v Common Rail Engines MK7 Platform (2013-)

Turbo Kit for the MK7 Platform 2.0 16v Common Rail TDI Engines

  • Increase in performance
  • Will out perform any of the common Hybrid Turbos
  • Maintain economy and drivability
  • Multiple turbo options 


This kit is designed to all MK7 Platform Vehicles with the 2.0 TDi Common Rail Engines:

A3 / S3
A3 Cabriolet
TT / TTS Coupe / Roadster
Golf Sportsvan
Passat / Variant

Covers the following engine code:

CRFA (110) CRLC (136) CRBD (136) CRFC (143) DFSD (140) DEJA (150) DBGA (150) CRUA (150) CKFC (150) CRLB (150) CRBC (150) CUNA (184)


  Included in the Kit:

Stainless Tubular Exhaust Manifold With Billet Collector
3” Stainless Downpipe with Stainless 6" Flexi and Dual Fitment Flange
Genuine VW OEM Manifold Gasket
Genuine VW OEM Turbo Gasket
Genuine VW OEM Downpipe Gasket
Genuine VW OEM Oil Return Gasket
Darkside Braided Oil Feed Line
Darkside Oil Return Line
Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Connector Hose
Stainless Clamps
2.25" Silicone 60° Outlet Pipe
All other nuts and bolts required for fitment

If you select a Turbocharger, you will also receive the following:

Brand New Garrett GTB Turbocharger with Lever Conversion
Brand New Melett Turbocharger with MFS Billet Compressor Wheel & Actuator Lever Conversion
Brand New Vacuum Actuator with Electronic Actuator
Laser Cut and CNC Folded Stainless Actuator Bracket


There are 3 different models of the GTB Turbocharger. There is the GTB1756VK, GTB2056VK and GTB2260VK. All are completely interchangeable, so if you start with the GTB1756VK and decide to upgrade, all you need to swap is the turbocharger unit itself, all the existing pipework will bolt right up. We also now offer the GTD2872VRK turbo. This is the same size turbo used on our Seat Arosa and proven to produce over 400bhp (Without Nos) and over 500bhp (With Nos) with the right supporting modifications. 


Here is a comparison of the various wheel sizes of the popular turbochargers, alongside the GTB and GTD Series turbochargers. Bare in mind that the GTD turbos have the latest 5th Generation VNT System, which is far superior to the previous systems, resulting in quicker spool and lower manifold pressures at high RPMs compared to older Gen Turbo's



Above is also a rough guide to what sort of power you can expect from each turbo, with a comparison to other popular turbochargers. This is assuming you have the appropriate supporting modifications for the individual turbocharger. The power figures are what is considered achievable under 'safe' parameters (Injection Duration, Exhaust Gas Temperature and Exhaust Manifold Pressures). Greater power has been achieved in the past with each setup, but in many cases this was pushing many of the components past their safe operating limits

 GTD2872VRK - Please expect around a 6 week lead time on these turbochargers unless otherwise discussed

More about Melett

About Melett

Melett is the market leader for precision engineered turbocharger parts and is renowned for producing OE quality parts to help the turbo aftermarket produce the highest quality repairs. The same commitment to engineering excellence has been applied to produce Melett complete turbochargers, providing a cost effective alternative to a new OE turbocharger.

  • Engineered in the UK to match the OEM design
  • Manufactured to Melett quality standards
  • Built, balanced and flowed in the UK by Melett
  • Providing a solution where no repair option exists
  • Restart the repair cycle by retaining the exchange turbo

Why choose a Melett Turbocharger?

By servicing the aftermarket, Melett not only benefit from analysing turbo failures they also benefit from future knowledge of the latest technologies. Combining this knowledge with expertise allows them to correct inherent design issues and also upgrade old turbo designs. Melett Turbochargers are manufactured to Melett drawings, created by our in-house engineering team, and the majority of parts are produced on Melett owned and controlled tooling. During the development stage, all turbochargers undergo extensive in-house and vehicle testing to assure performance and durability levels. Vehicle testing includes validating engine emissions, torque, power, transient response and fuel economy, ensuring every Melett Turbocharger matches the OE specification. Built to the strictest quality standards, all Melett Turbochargers are balanced and flowed in our dedicated UK production facility.

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