Darkside GTD1752VRK Ball Bearing Turbo Kit for Mk7 Platform 2.0 TDi Common Rail Engines

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  • Darkside GTD1752VRK Ball Bearing Turbo Kit for Mk7 Platform 2.0 TDi Common Rail Engines
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Darkside Developments GTD1752VRK Ball Bearing Turbo Kit for Mk7 Platform 2.0 TDi Common Rail Engines

Turbo Kit for the 2.0 Oval Port Common Rail TDI Engines to achieve at least 230bhp+

  • Increase in performance
  • Will out perform any of the common Hybrid Turbos
  • Maintain economy and drivability
  • Better than factory spool

The downpipe included in this kit slots straight into a standard exhaust system, Other aftermarket systems should also fit with the use of an adapter, please contact at time of purchase. 

 Included in the Kit:

Brand New Garrett GTD1752VRK Turbocharger with Actuator Conversion
Brand New Vacuum Actuator with Electronic Actuator
Laser Cut and CNC Folded Stainless Actuator Bracket

Stainless Tubular Exhaust Manifold With Billet V-Band Collector
EGT Plug

2.5” Stainless Downpipe
Darkside Braided Oil Feed Line
Darkside Oil Return Line
Oil Return Gasket
4 Bar Map Sensor

Small AEM Dryflow Filter
80mm 90° Induction Silicone
TIP Silicone
51mm Straight Silicone Coupler
51mm 90 Silicone - For Stock Intercooler Hose
TIP Turbo Intake Pipe Aluminium Breather Barbed Fitting
Oil Resistant 90° Silicone for Oil Breather
Low Pressure EGR Delete

OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Turbo to Manifold V-Band Gasket
Turbo to Manifold V-Band Clamp
Turbo to Downpipe V-Band Gasket
Turbo to Downpipe V-Band Clamp
Genuine VW OEM Downpipe Gasket
Silicone Turbo Inlet Pipe Connector Hose
Stainless Clamps
All other nuts and bolts required for fitment

This is the 5th Generation VNT System which is far superior to the previous systems. This results in quicker spool, lower manifold pressures at high RPMs and the capabilities of running higher EGT's compared to older Gen Turbo's. 

This kit is designed to all MK7 Platform Vehicles with the 2.0 TDi Common Rail Engines:

A3 / S3
A3 Cabriolet
TT / TTS Coupe / Roadster
Golf Sportsvan
Passat / Variant

Covers the following engine code:

CRFA (110) CRLC (136) CRBD (136) CRFC (143) DFSD (140) DEJA (150) DBGA (150) CRUA (150) CKFC (150) CRLB (150) CRBC (150) CUNA (184)


The stock 2.0 TDI (Oval Port) Injectors and Fuel Pump are good for around 250bhp before experiencing rail drain (low rail pressure)

A Custom Remap will be required immediately after installation of the turbo kit

A 4 Bar Map sensor is included in the kit and will need calibrating to the ECU. Please ensure your tuner is capable of performing task

 The stock EGR Cooler MUST be deleted to enable fitment of this kit. The EGR Delete is included in the kit

We also highly advise installing a clutch upgrade when fitting this kit to manual models. For DSG models a DSG remap would be beneficial

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst this kit places the Turbocharger in the stock position, due the the wide differences in the various Common Rail Engine Codes, there may be extra modifications required or parts needed to fit to the stock Intake and Intercooler Systems

Darkside Developments accepts no responsibility for the use of this part on the public highway where removal of emissions controls is prohibited. It is the customers responsibility to ensure they comply with rules and laws relating to their home country

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