Pierburg CWA Electric Water Pump for BMW N51 / N52 / N53 Engines

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  • Pierburg CWA Electric Water Pump for BMW N51 / N52 / N53 Engines
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Pierburg CWA Electric Water Pump for BMW N51 / N52 / N53 Engines

Replacement CWA Electronic Water Pump for BMW N51 / N52 / N53 Petrol Engines - CWA200

Pierburg were one of the first to introduce the electric water pump to line production for BMW in 2004

They and others are now widely available in the aftermarket and got many advantages over conventional mechanical pumps

Some of which are the freedom of installation and the independence of engine revolutions

Also the pumps are very well built and with its brushless canned motor they are practical maintenance free


CWA Electronic Water Pumps can also be used / fitted in many different applications other than the direct OE replacement

The best benefit for aftermarket and motorsport application would be the freedom of installation and use

You can mount the pump practically anywhere (yes even in the trunk) and it is completely independent of the engines revolutions

Most of the cooling power is needed when the car is idling around in a complete standstill

Sadly that’s the situation where a mechanical water pump got its least amount of power

So most of the time a conventional pump is oversupplying the engine with coolant flow

The Electric Water Pumps however can deliver the right amount of flow at any time it is needed

To do control this you will need an independent controller that regulates the power of the pump, we have a link to them below in this listing

When installing these water pumps the conventional mechanical pump will need blanking and replacing with an idle pulley. Addition coolant hoses / pipes will be needed depending on where you decide to mount the new pump

Tecomotive tinyCWA Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller


Series / Chassis

E60 / E60N / E61 / E61N / E63 / E63N / E64 / E64N / E65 / E66 / E70 / E81 / E82 / E83N / E84 / E85 / E86 / E87 / E87N / E88 / E89 / E90 / E90N / E91 / E91N / E92 / E92N / E93 / E93N


125i / 128i / 130i / 323i / 325i / 325xi / 328i / 328xi / 330i / 330xi / 523i / 523Li / 525i / 525Li / 525xi / 528i / 528xi / 530i / 530Li / 530xi / 630i / 730i / 730Li / X1 / X3 / X5 / Z4


N51 / N52 / N52N / N53

Fitment Data

This item will fit the following Vehicles:

E60 N52 523i Saloon
E60 N52 523Li Saloon
E60 N52 525i Saloon
E60 N52 525Li Saloon
E60 N52 525xi Saloon
E60 N52 530i Saloon
E60 N52 530Li Saloon
E60 N52 530xi Saloon
E60N N52N 523i Saloon
E60N N52N 523Li Saloon
E60N N52N 525i Saloon
E60N N52N 525Li Saloon
E60N N52N 528i Saloon
E60N N52N 528xi Saloon
E60N N52N 530i Saloon
E60N N52N 530Li Saloon
E60N N52N 530xi Saloon
E60N N53 523i Saloon
E60N N53 525i Saloon
E60N N53 525xi Saloon
E60N N53 530i Saloon
E60N N53 530xi Saloon
E61 N52 523i Touring
E61 N52 525i Touring
E61 N52 525xi Touring
E61 N52 530i Touring
E61 N52 530xi Touring
E61N N52N 523i Touring
E61N N52N 525i Touring
E61N N52N 530i Touring
E61N N52N 530xi Touring
E61N N53 523i Touring
E61N N53 525i Touring
E61N N53 525xi Touring
E61N N53 530i Touring
E61N N53 530xi Touring
E63 N52 630i Coupe
E63N N52N 630i Coupe
E63N N53 630i Coupe
E64 N52 630i Convertible
E64N N52N 630i Convertible
E64N N53 630i Convertible
E65 N52 730i Saloon
E66 N52 730Li Saloon
E70 N52N X5 3.0si SAV
E81 N52N 130i 3 doors
E82 N51 128i Coupe
E82 N52N 125i Coupe
E82 N52N 128i Coupe
E83N N52N X3 2.5si SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0i SAV
E83N N52N X3 3.0si SAV
E84 N52N X1 25iX SAV
E84 N52N X1 28iX SAV
E85 N52 Z4 2.5i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 2.5si Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0i Roadster
E85 N52 Z4 3.0si Roadster
E86 N52 Z4 3.0si Coupe
E87 N52 130i 5 doors
E87N N52N 130i 5 doors
E88 N51 128i Convertible
E88 N52N 125i Convertible
E88 N52N 128i Convertible
E89 N52N Z4 23i Roadster
E89 N52N Z4 30i Roadster
E90 N51 328i Saloon
E90 N51 328xi Saloon
E90 N52 323i Saloon
E90 N52 325i Saloon
E90 N52 325xi Saloon
E90 N52 330i Saloon
E90 N52 330xi Saloon
E90 N52N 323i Saloon
E90 N52N 325i Saloon
E90 N52N 325xi Saloon
E90 N52N 328i Saloon
E90 N52N 328xi Saloon
E90 N52N 330i Saloon
E90 N53 325i Salo on
E90 N53 325xi Saloon
E90 N53 330i Saloon
E90 N53 330xi Saloon
E90N N51 328i Saloon
E90N N51 328xi Saloon
E90N N52N 323i Saloon
E90N N52N 325i Saloon
E90N N52N 325xi Saloon
E90N N52N 328i Saloon
E90N N52N 328xi Saloon
E90N N52N 330i Saloon
E90N N53 325i Saloon
E90N N53 325xi Saloon
E90N N53 330i Saloon
E90N N53 330xi Saloon
E91 N52 323i Touring
E91 N52 325i Touring
E91 N52 325xi Touring
E91 N52 330i Touring
E91 N52 330xi Touring
E91 N52N 323i Touring
E91 N52N 325i Touring
E91 N52N 325xi Touring
E91 N52N 328i Touring
E91 N52N 328xi Touring
E91 N52N 330i Touring
E91 N53 325i Touring
E91 N53 325xi Touring
E91 N53 330i Touring
E91 N53 330xi Touring
E91N N52N 323i Touring
E91N N52N 325i Touring
E91N N52N 325xi Touring
E91N N52N 328i Touring
E91N N52N 328xi Touring
E91N N52N 330i Touring
E91N N53 325i Touring
E91N N53 325xi Touring
E91N N53 330i Touring
E91N N53 330xi Touring
E92 N51 328i Coupe
E92 N51 328xi Coupe
E92 N52N 323i Coupe
E92 N52N 325i Coupe
E92 N52N 325xi Coupe
E92 N52N 328i Coupe
E92 N52N 328xi Coupe
E92 N52N 330i Coupe
E92 N52N 330xi Coupe
E92 N53 325i Coupe
E92 N53 325xi Coupe
E92 N53 330i Coupe
E92 N53 330xi Coupe
E92N N51 328i Coupe
E92N N51 328xi Coupe
E92N N52N 323i Coupe
E92N N52N 325i Coupe
E92N N52N 325xi Coupe
E92N N52N 328i Coupe
E92N N52N 328xi Coupe
E92N N52N 330i Coupe
E92N N53 325i Coupe
E92N N53 325xi Coupe
E92N N53 330i Coupe
E92N N53 330xi Coupe
E93 N51 328i Convertible
E93 N52N 323i Convertible
E93 N52N 325i Convertible
E93 N52N 328i Convertible
E93 N52N 330i Convertible
E93 N53 325i Convertible
E93 N53 330i Convertible
E93N N51 328i Convertible
E93N N52N 323i Convertible
E93N N52N 325i Convertible
E93N N52N 328i Convertible
E93N N52N 330i Convertible
E93N N53 325i Convertible
E93N N53 330i Convertible

Replaces Genuine BMW Part Numbers:

11 51 7 586 925 - 11517586925 - 7 586 925 - 7586925
11 51 7 586 924 - 11517586924 - 7 586 924 - 7586924
11 51 7 563 183 - 11517563183 - 7 563 183 - 7563183
11 51 7 546 994 - 11517546994 - 7 546 994 - 7546994

Pierburg Part Numbers:

7.02851.20.8 - 7 02851 20 8 - 702851208
7.02851.20.0 - 7 02851 20 0 - 702851200

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