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Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller

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  • Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller
  • Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller
  • Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller
  • Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller
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Tecomotive tinyCWA - Pierburg CWA Electric Waterpump Controller

The Tecomotive “tinyCWA” is able to control all CWA type electric water pumps (eWP) in the appropriate manner
It is suitable for cars or any other thing where smart cooling is required

When activated the controller is measuring the current coolant temperature and the rate of increase with the connected temperature sensor
With this data it then calculates the appropriate water flow and sends a signal to the pump where the internal pump electronics then set it to the right speed. This way you will always have the right pump speed for any circumstances

This product has been developed with very special attention to quality, operational safety, ease of use and a very nice appearance

The compact and anodized aluminum case measures only 44x44x12mm. (1.7x1.7x1/2inches)

You can find more precise information about the operation, installation and use in the manuals linked at the bottom of our listing


  • Simple to set up with only one rotary switch
  • Choose your favorite target temperature in six steps from 75°C to 100°C (167°F to 212°F)
  • LED display shows the current pump speed or rough coolant temperature
  • Compact and robust anodized aluminum case
  • Relay output for the radiator fan (recommend to use)
  • Delayed shutdown of the pump and the fan after ignition turned off
  • Manually control the pump speed (e.g. for bleeding or testing)


  • tinyCWA controller
  • Fuse holder
  • Fuses (7,5A/15A/30A/40A)
  • Connector 8 pin (controller)
  • Connector 3/4 pin (water pump) (standard: for a CWA400 pump)
  • Connector 2 pin (temperature sensor)
  • Temperature sensor with M12x1.5 thread size
  • Set of screws for controller mounting


Advantages of electric water pumps:

The best benefit for aftermarket and motorsport application would be the freedom of installation and use
You can mount the pump practically anywhere (yes even in the trunk) and it is completely independent of the engines revolutions

Most of the cooling power is needed when the car is idling around in a complete standstill
Sadly that’s the situation where a mechanical water pump got its least amount of power
So most of the time a conventional pump is oversupplying the engine with coolant flow 

The Electric Water Pumps however can deliver the right amount of flow at any time it is needed

We can also supply the Peirburg Electric Waterpumps. These are listed here -

We have fitted these Electric Water Pumps to the following Project Cars:

Top Secret Project - 

Ibiza Track Car -

Audi TT -

Installation Manual:

(Engine-Cooling-Firmware-Version) (Standard)
Tecomotive "tinyCWA" manual (pdf)

Tecomotive "tinyCWA Intercooler" manual (pdf)

Tecomotive "tinyCWA manual version" manual (pdf)

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